Morning Cup of Joe – Blame Yourself

Some people are wired to automatically defer the cause of their demise to external forces never taking responsibility for their own actions. They will say that the reason why they aren’t succeeding is because of this person or that situation. They will say and falsely believe that if ‘this’ was a certain way or if ‘they’ gave me a chance then I could be successful; never once pointing out the real reason why they have not experienced success. Maintain the understanding that when you point out your finger, three are pointing right back at you.

If you are in a place where you haven’t succeeded, there is only one person responsible for your outcomes; YOU! You are the reason why you haven’t succeeded. Stop blaming it on your circumstances because there are some who have overcome much worse who are doing much better than you are. Stop blaming it on the fact that other people won’t help you because there are some who have built their dreams from the ground up brick-by-brick by themselves. Stop blaming it on the stars not aligning because if you are waiting on the right time to act understand that the right time may never come.

One of the main reasons why some people never reach their full potential is because they lack the fortitude necessary to succeed. The first step is prioritizing your life. Maintain the understanding that some things that you are putting at the top of your list of priorities should not have ever made the list. Reevaluate what you consider to be important because there is a huge chance that it isn’t. If you want to get your life together you must first distinguish between what is important and what is not.

The second step is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You were born to win, commit that to memory. If it seems that no one will help you then you must help yourself. If you were in a burning building, would you wait until someone came to rescue you or would you try to find a way out? Clearly you would do whatever it takes to stay alive and find a way out. Success is no different. Stop waiting on the shooting star and start trying to figure out how to be one.

The third and final step is perhaps the most challenging; acceptance. Accept the fact that God, in his infinite wisdom, created you just the way you are for reasons you may not even know. Accept the fact that if you want to succeed you have to be hungry. You have to want it. Accept the fact that the people who love you the most will not enable you to continue to fail by supporting your destructive behavior. Accept the fact that the only reason why you fail is because of your own efforts or lack thereof. Accept the fact that if you want your situation to change then you must be that change you seek. It is impossible for your situation to change if you are not willing to change yourself.

Throughout my life’s journey, I have succeeded and I have failed. I have been lied on, talked about and mistreated. I have been told that I would never amount to a hill of beans. I have been ostracized and neglected. In the eyes of so many I have been all of the aforementioned and more. The one thing I will never be is defeated. I will never be defeated because I take responsibility not only for my actions but for my outcomes.

If you are not successful and your life is in shambles, don’t blame the world; blame yourself.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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