Morning Cup of Joe – The First Day

You may not believe this but today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today you can choose to start taking advantage of this thing called life. Today you can start to use your time wisely. What you do with the time you have on Earth is essential to your success. Whether our time on Earth is predestined or not, we are not afforded the luxury of knowing the exact date we will be called home. Even if we did, I wonder how many people would be more focused on the task at hand. I wonder how many people would actually use their time to make a difference in the world. It is imperative that you use your time wisely. Make every minute count and every second matter. Understand that you are in control of how you budget your 24 hours. More importantly, do not waste precious limited time on frivolous and meaningless activities.

Often times we allow ourselves to make the critical mental error of thinking we have more time than we actually do. This assumption is simply based on my observation of the world around me. There are folks whose actions dictate that they may possibly have access to a time machine of sorts. They live each day as if tomorrow is promised. I often hear people say things like, “I will get to it tomorrow” or “When I have more time, I’ll focus on that”. The fact of the matter is we do not know for certain when our clocks will expire which is more reason why should choose to maximize each days potential.

Your perception of time should be one of immediacy and urgency. Every step should have pep in it. Stop walking around as if time is not of the essence. Stop acting as if your tomorrows are certain; the wisest among us knows that tomorrows aren’t promised. There is no time for foolishness; the time to focus on your dreams and pursue them with vigorous passion is now. Your time is not to be wasted on issues that are miniscule or futile. We certainly make time for things that we deem important in our lives. Make succeeding as important as breathing and watch as your dreams start to come true. If you want a better life, start investing time into ensuring that you will have one and you inevitably will.

We only have one life to live; this is not a dress rehearsal.

To The Top,
Joe Paul

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