Morning Cup of Joe – Empire State of Mind

The idiom Rome wasn’t built in a day simply means that it is easier to destroy things than it is to create them. It also means that in order to build an empire or an empire state of mind, it takes time, effort and an incredible amount of determination. From the beginning to the end, history shows that the influence and rule of the Roman Empire lasted over 500 years and at its height spanned a geographical area of over two and a half million square miles. Eventually, like anything that rises, the empire fell. Why is this important?

I want to parallel one of the greatest civilizations to your life. It is imperative that you understand that your success in life and love is solely based on the effort you put into it, the determination you make to guarantee that it happens and the commitment you have to ensuring that it is maintained at a particular heightened level. If you want to build a strong relationship then you must learn that trust is the most critical piece. You must first learn to trust yourself, your abilities and capabilities before anyone else can fully trust you. You must unequivocally believe that success in every aspect of your life is possible before it comes to fruition.

Let’s talk about belief for a second. Your belief system is what guides your thoughts which in turn guide your life. You truly are and will become that which you think about most and indisputably believe. I am convinced that Julius Caesar believed that he could conquer the world and at one point it certainly seemed as if it were going to happen. The empire state of mind is what you must apply to your life and all of your dealings if you want to reap the benefits a mindset like this one brings. An empire state of mind is a bulletproof mindset with laser sharp focus that does not allow external forces to penetrate the mission and vision of the one who holds the keys to their thoughts. You are in control of your own destiny.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your dreams. You too can experience the success that the Roman Empire enjoyed if you adopt an empire state of mind. Where will your thoughts lead you?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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