Morning Cup of Joe – Praise Is What I Do

If you want to receive blessings from God you must learn to give Him praise no matter what you are going through. You must learn to give God the glory He deserves through the good times and equally through the bad. Some people make the error of reaching out to God only when they need Him to perform a miracle. While God is in the business of performing miracles, you should make it your business to praise Him on a daily basis. Imagine if someone called you only when they needed something. Sadly, some of us don’t have to imagine. Now imagine how God feels when you only call on Him when you need something.

Do not wait until your trial to call on the only judge whose verdict matters. Do not wait until your tribulation to call on the only one who has come to your rescue every time you needed Him. Do not wait until you are sick before reaching out to the only doctor who can heal all sickness. Do not wait until you need God before you reach out to Him. Do not wait until something good happens before you give Him praise. Do it now, right where you sit and thank Him for His never ending grace and mercy.

All of the wonderful blessings that have occurred and will continue to occur in your life are directly correlated to the praise you give Him. God deserves all of the praise. I do not want to imagine what my life would have been like if it was not for God’s mercy and I am glad I never have to wonder. If you want to be closer to God, you must praise Him. If you want God to give you favor in your life and in your dealings, you must praise Him. If you want God to answer your prayers, you must praise Him. If you are expecting God to provide a breakthrough in your circumstances, you must praise Him.

Remember to praise Him through the good and the bad, whether you are happy or sad and whether the miracle has happened or not. He deserves it.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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