Morning Cup of Joe – The Bus Driver

A client called in for his regularly scheduled life coaching session and started off the conversation by saying “Joe, I have to get off that damn bus. I hate driving it.” He continued to talk about the disdain he had for the salary he earned and how it simply was not enough to do what he needed to do to provide for his family. He concluded that he hated his job and was just not satisfied. After he shared his dissatisfaction with his current state of affairs he concluded with a question and asked “so, what can I do about it and why can’t I get out of the rut that I am in?” Here is what I told him.

Before the universe will provide you with the riches of the world, you must first be thankful for what you have. You may not be able to see the value in the things you have because your focus is on the things you want. Find joy in the fact that while you may not be in the job you want, you are at least gainfully employed. That’s more than the millions of unemployed people around the United States can say. I also told him that if it wasn’t for the bus he drove, we would have never met. You have to find joy in the fact that you have good health, have a loving family and are able to use your five senses. You have to find joy in the fact that your life is defined by more than your position in life. You have to find joy in the fact that where you are today isn’t where you will be tomorrow.

When we underappreciate what we have, it becomes increasingly difficult to appreciate what is possible. What are you willing to do to change your circumstances? The first thing is to start by changing the way you look at them. Life really isn’t that bad, especially if you don’t accept it as so. The energy that you put out is exactly what you will get in. If you invest your precious time worrying about the things you cannot change eventually you will run out of time to focus on what is truly important in life. We all want to be in a better place than we currently are but it is imperative that you are thankful that you’ve gotten this far.

Be thankful for what you have and find the beauty in the blessings you already have. If you apply this simple rule then you can have the desires of your heart.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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