Morning Cup of Joe – Heavy Heart

As I walked to the store one day, I am not sure if I just never paid any attention before or if I was simply oblivious but I notice now more than ever the faces of so many that seem downtrodden and hopeless. These faces once innocent have transformed into a hopeless oval. As I got closer to the store, a man stopped and asked me for a dime. I wondered what exactly he can get for a dime. Then I thought maybe my dime was all he needed to make a dollar so that he can get something to eat. In a world filled with so much abundance, there is no reason why people are hungry. I have seen people waste more food than they eat. I know what it’s like to not have something to eat. I have spent many nights without a bite to eat and trust that there is no pain like hunger pains. One of the main reasons why I give is because I have been there.

Some pain you feel sometimes seem intolerable and the hurt too heavy to bear. Negative thoughts find comfort in your mind while you contemplate the worst possible outcomes. You try to smile to keep from crying but the tears overpower your joy. You wonder when will this feeling end and if you can do anything to speed up the process. You think that being alone is the best way to cope but that’s when the devil is hardest at work as negative thought after negative thought fill your head.

Even with all of the pain we witness on a daily basis including our own, the faith that joy has a possibility of coming in the morning is what keeps me hopeful. Some people give up way too soon. Some people take their own lives because they believed that the pain they were experiencing was simply too much to handle. I submit to you that the strongest pain comes before the greatest joy. The saddest moments come before the peak of happiness. The heaviest rain comes before the brightest sunshine. Just hold on. Hold on to the idea that this too shall pass, whatever it is you are going through can’t possibly last forever. Your time will come. Some days it seems like it will never come but know and trust that it will.

I have seen this cycle before. I have felt this pain before. I have experienced a similar hurt before. That is why I remain optimistic. That is why I cannot give up. That is why I will remain hopeful and I pray that you do too.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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