Morning Cup of Joe – Strength To Carry On

How strong are you? Are you strong enough to make it through your season of unhappiness or will you allow your problems to overpower you? Do you realize where your strength comes from? Are you aware that your strength derives from your ability to overcome obstacles? Are you aware that the more obstacles you overcome the stronger your will becomes? Did you know that you are stronger than you actually believe you are?

I ask you these questions because it seems to me that you have forgotten how far you’ve truly come. Think back to a few of your first trials or tribulations. Clearly you overcame them but how did you do it? The same amount of effort, tenacity and courage it takes to overcome one obstacle is the same amount it takes to overcome the next. In fact, it gets easier. Well, it absolutely should get easier because you have been down that road before. What happens when we repeatedly travel down a road or path? We simply know the ins and outs of that road and no longer require a map. Furthermore, we become so familiar and comfortable with our destination that we may even start taking shortcuts to arrive at the same destination. Solving your problems follows a similar formula.

Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, dust yourself off and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You seemed to have forgotten how strong you actually are. This temporary cloud hanging over your head may not move anytime soon so you must make the conscious decision to move from under that cloud or continue to get soaked by the rain caused by your problems. Make your move! Today is a new day and this new day presents the option to continue to wallow in your sorrow or do something about it.

Your strength is determined by the number of obstacles you overcome. The more obstacles you overcome, the stronger you’ll become.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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