Morning Cup of Joe – What They Think

No one should know what’s going on inside your house, especially if they are standing on the outside. When you look at some people you can tell exactly what they are going through. Indeed some people are interested in the attention they may attract from their pity party and fall into the category of “misery loves company”. It is imperative that you control your outward appearance and work on maintaining a positive mental attitude at all times.

Wearing your feelings outwardly is obviously done at your discretion. However, the issue comes when you allow those feelings to dictate your actions or inaction for that matter. For some strange reason, the opinions of others matter to us so much so that many of us live our lives based on what others think and feel about us. If you are going to progress you must eliminate this from the equation. What others think about you is none of your business.

When you free yourself from the bondage of what others think and feel about you, only then are you able to soar like the eagle you are. People will try to bring you down because they are afraid to rise. Your primary goal should be to live a life free the need to please others. Maintain the understanding that you cannot please everyone and that should never be a goal. Focus on the reason why you were placed on this earth; primarily to influence the lives of those around you. You can’t do that if you are focused on what others think and feel about you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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