Morning Cup of Joe – Cool, Calm & Collected

Remaining calm under pressure is a necessary leadership and life skill strengthened by overcoming situations that test your patience. You have been and will continue to be in situations where your patience will be tested. Some situations, issues and problems are designed to test your ability to remain calm during episodes of calamity. It doesn’t matter if a firestorm is brewing inside of you; your primary goal should be to always look cool, calm and collected on the outside. Perception is reality.

When you are under extreme pressure it is easy to simply throw your hands in the air and adopt a “who cares” attitude. It is easy to allow the pressures of the world to break you down and pick you apart piece by piece. It is easy to let your opponent win especially if you allow the pressure of the moment to force you to easily give up. Unfortunately, this type of attitude is not conducive to winning and finding solutions nor will it invite the possibilities that come with keeping a level head.

Like a prize fighter, focus on the final round and finishing strong. The rounds where you may have been knocked down don’t matter as much as the final round where you ultimately determine the outcome. Never let them see you sweat. No matter how tough it may be or how hard the situation may seem, don’t give anyone including your problems the satisfaction of thinking that they “got to you” or was able to throw you off course.

Stare doubt, fear and uncertainty in the face and declare victory over them. You are a champion and champions are able to rise above and stay above the fray. Your ability to remain calm under pressure will determine a majority of the outcomes in your life. Pressure has the ability to bust lead pipes; adopt a steel mentality and you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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