Morning Cup of Joe – Don’t Take It Personally

No matter how hard you try, it is difficult to force anyone to do something they don’t want to do. Moreover, it is even more difficult to get someone to see something they don’t want to see. It matters not your intentions, good or bad, if someone is not ready to receive something they simply will not. Trying to force your point of view is like a quarterback throwing to a receiver that is either not open, heavily covered or simply ran the wrong route. In either case, they won’t be able to receive or catch it no matter how accurate your throw or message is.

Most of us want nothing but the best for our friends, family and loved ones but they have to want the same thing for themselves. Conversely, you must be willing to trust the eyes of others. What I mean is simply that your eyes point outwardly and you are able to observe things that others may not be able to see or may simply have a different perspective on. Similarly, you must be opened to accepting constructive criticism and be willing to embrace opportunities of improvement.

The impasse occurs when one does not accept responsibility for their actions and are not willing to change based on the observation of others. Don’t join that group and if you already are a card carrying member, cancel your membership. You are going nowhere fast. I am more fortunate than most to have learned a long time ago to not take anything personally, especially constructive criticism. If someone offers you advice, receive it, accept it and thank them. Thank them because they think enough of you to offer opportunities where you can be better. Most people don’t have folks like that in their lives who care enough to offer them opportunities for improvement. Embrace it.

A major sign of maturity is being able to accept constructive criticism and not be offended when it is offered. Don’t take it personally.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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