Morning Cup of Joe – The Dream Killers

What I have come to understand at this point in my journey is that most people truly don’t want to see you succeed. It is lonely at the top and misery loves company at the bottom. The group you choose to join will determine your ultimate outcomes. Both groups have plenty of space, choose wisely. We’ve been around these types of people before, if we haven’t been them ourselves; the type of person that starts hating on others accomplishments. When they see someone else doing well, they wish them more harm than good. The sad thing about it is that they have yet to realize why they have not experienced any success themselves. The reason is two fold; if you do not celebrate others successes you will never have an opportunity to have the tables turned and also because they cannot get past the fact that someone else is doing better than they are. Oddly enough, they never stop to ask what that person had to go through to get to where they are. I have appropriately coined these types of people as dream killers.

There are dream killers all around us. These dream killers attempt to deter you from pursuing your dreams because of their fear of following theirs. Dream killers can barely see what the next hour has in store let alone the next day. Dream killers cannot stand and cheer while the other fellow stars. Dream killers want what they are not willing to work for so they try to discourage your efforts. Do not allow dream killers to kill your dreams and redirect your focus from your vision. A vision is simply a glimpse into a future that you can create. Dream killers lack vision. At all times, focus on your dreams and desires and be sure to keep your blinders up.

No matter the details of your precious dreams and accomplishable goals, pursue them at all cost. There will be times when the words of dream killers sound more inviting than an RSVP, decline their invitation and push forward. There will be times when the road seems so filled with obstacles that you’d be better off just stopping, mash on the gas and keep driving. There will be days when you feel like giving up, keep going for one day you will cross the finish line and claim the victory that was yours to begin with. Keep in mind that the victory isn’t nearly as important as the fight that you make to win. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to the doubters. Don’t listen to the dream killers. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

Success is not easy, never was, never will be but success will be yours if you continue to believe in the beauty of your dreams. Tomorrow isn’t promised to those who have no faith or belief in the possibility that dreams come true.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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