Morning Cup of Joe – Round Two!

Round 2!

You stare into your opponent’s eyes prior to the sound of the bell which indicates the start of the battle. You are a little nervous from the anticipation of the fight yet you do your best not to let them see you sweat. You rehearse your moves over and over and over again until you have it right. The time has come to prove you are worthy; the bell sounds and the battle begins.

You seem sluggish and lethargic as you frailly attempt to institute a sound defense. Your opponent seems more assertive and a bit more prepared than you are yet you continue to fight. Your opponent has studied you relentlessly and clearly knows where you are weak and understands the importance of quickly exploiting these weak points making it easier to knock you down. The first round is over and your opponent walks away with the confidence and knowledge that they have won.

If you inevitably fall, you must get up. Staying down will not win you the fight. So what if you lost the first round, even in boxing unless there is a total knockout, the results are not determined until the end of the twelfth round. It is round two and this is where you show what you got. After any loss, it is imperative that you make necessary adjustments in order to walk away the victor. You already know what your opponent will do, so if you cannot defend yourself it is because you did not make the necessary adjustments.

In life, we will have many round two’s. It is up to you to make the very best of them. The conclusion of any battle is never determined after one shot. It is true that you should lose yourself in the moment the moment you own it because you may not get another chance at it. However, there aren’t too many instances where you don’t get a second chance. When you are granted another opportunity to show what you got, don’t disappoint.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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