Morning Cup of Joe – Golden Opportunity

Sometimes you have to take one step back in order to take 1000 steps forward. Just because an opportunity does not perfectly match your expectations does not mean that it is not the opportunity that was meant specifically for you. Opportunities are such that you can mold them into what you think they should be. For most of us, our pride restricts us from recognizing clear and present blessings.

During a recent conversation with a friend who is actively searching for a job, I was able to discover a fundamental error in the way he was viewing his circumstances. He expressed to me that he has participated in over fifteen job interviews and has received over nine offers but none of them matched the salary he felt he should be paid based on his years of experience and his advanced degrees. He felt insulted by their offer at such a low salary. After he shared this story with me, I scratched my head and thought to myself “he turned down nine answers to his prayers”.

Had he taken one of the nine job offers, he could have easily changed the scope of that opportunity by putting forth maximum effort no matter the circumstances. Your work ethic should always speak for itself. This action will always yield positive results. So what if the salary is not up to your standards, the fact of the matter is the salary they are offering is much greater than the nothing you are currently earning. You never know if the opportunity that gets you in the door is the same opportunity that will help you climb the ladder. First you must accept the opportunity then make it what it should be.

Stop turning down blessings that are specifically meant for you. Many of you are guilty of not accepting blessings then blaming God for not giving them to you. Learn to recognize when your prayers are being answered. Just because the opportunity does not appear to be fruitful to you does not meant that it is any less of an opportunity. Understand that cream eventually rises to the top. Even if you accept an opportunity that does not meet your standards it is imperative that you work as if you are the President of the corporation and inevitably the title will catch up to the work.

Do not decline opportunities because you are too proud; your pride will keep you penniless and hungry. It’s not the opportunity that is offered to us but what we do with that opportunity that matters most.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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