Morning Cup of Joe – Race of A Lifetime

Before entering a competitive challenge, most people try to size up the competition or at least attempt to discover who they will be competing against. During this process, most people play out the entire situation in their minds even declaring a winner prior to the start of the competition. The fork in the road occurs at this very moment; you are forced to choose between believing that you will win and believing that someone else will. Whichever outcome you believe in the most will be the result that you will inevitably receive.

In addition to how you view your circumstances, be mindful of the negative self-talk you have before you enter a race. Most people talk themselves out of a championship simply because the competition may look a little tougher, faster, stronger, or bigger. I say to those folks that it does not matter. We have all seen and/or heard of countless David vs Goliath battles, many of which we have been personally involved. What was the ultimate outcome? In some battles Goliath is triumphant and in others David hoists up the trophy. That’s the name of the game; you win some and you will certainly lose some. The goal is to fight until the end, no matter how you initially perceived the outcome. Fight until the end.

Understand first that the race does not always go to the stronger or faster man. Your competition will in many cases be bigger and stronger than you, learn to accept the fact that those particular attributes are not what wins races. Just biggest you look like you can win doesn’t mean you ultimately will. Be the winner no one expects to win by understanding that the battles end goes to the person who is the last one standing. Before you enter a competition, commit to battling until the end. Before you write down a goal, commit to sticking with it throughout its entirety. Before you start to dream, commit to building it. Commit to fighting the entire battle and give maximum effort at all times. Fight as hard as you can either until the clock runs out or until you win; whichever comes first.

The race is not given to the swift or the strong but to the one who endureth to the end.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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