Morning Cup of Joe – Through The Storm

Is anybody out there? I remember growing up in Miami and witnessing the wrath and devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. That was my first experience with a serious storm so I did not really understand the severity or potential damage it could cause. I have always been very curious, and although curiosity kills cats I figured I was safe because I’m human. My entire family and I hunkered down in my parents’ bedroom when suddenly my curiosity led me to the window. I pulled back the curtain and watched as the Category 5 hurricane uprooted an oak tree that was in front of my neighbor’s yard with the ease of a gardener pulling weeds and slammed it on their car nearly splitting in half.

The next morning, after the storm had passed, we all ventured out to see the damage and devastation left behind by Andrew. Some places were hit harder than others but everyone experienced some sort of damage. Almost everyone was without power, trees and debris riddled the streets and most roads were impassable. After that experience I simply thanked God for seeing us through the storm.

Storms by acts of nature are similar to the personal storms we experience in our own lives. Sometimes you have to simply wait until it passes. Just like you prepare for an ensuing storm by stocking up on nonperishable items from your local grocery store, boarding up your home and having a healthy supply of drinking water you must prepare for the storms that may occur in your life by stocking up on faith. You must have faith that you can make it through any storm before your faith is met with reality. What you do not allow to kill you will always make you stronger. Keep the faith.

Sometimes you have to simply wait until your storm passes before you can see the sun shine again. No matter what storm you are going through, have faith and hold on to the fact that change is coming.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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