Morning Cup of Joe – From Mailroom to CEO

Where you start isn’t always where you’ll end up. Don’t be afraid to pay your dues in order to reap the rewards of your efforts. We live in a society today where most people want what they aren’t willing to work for. Even more overvalue their contribution to any given organization or corporation. I researched top executives who started out at the very bottom of the barrel and built their way up the proverbial corporate ladder. Here are a few of their stories.

Wally Amos started working in the mailroom of the William Morris Agency before he developed his world-renown chocolate chip cookie recipe. He attended the Food Trades Vocational High School and was inspired by his aunt’s homemade cookies. Famous Amos cookies can be found everywhere in the world.

Sidney Weinberg didn’t have an Ivy League education and didn’t come from a wealthy family but he lead investment giant Goldman Sachs for almost forty years. He started out as a janitor’s assistant, earning $3 per week brushing hats and wiping mud off from the firm partners’ shoes before he was promoted to mailroom clerk.

This Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox began her career as a mechanical engineering intern and worked her way up. As an African-American female in the corporate world the odds were stacked against her but Ursula M. Burns was not afraid of hard work. She leads more than 140,000 employees of Xerox who serve clients in more than 160 countries.

These are a few examples of how hard work pays off and proves that you don’t have to be ashamed to start from the bottom. If you are able to visualize the future, where you are today becomes less important than where you could be tomorrow. Maintain the understanding that your future is only as bright as your vision for it. Nothing worth having ever came easily so start where you are and work your way TO THE TOP!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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