Morning Cup of Joe – Be The Gift

There are so many people who need help in the world. Most people think that it is impossible to help them all. Yet if we try to help one person that may very well open the flood gates that will allow countless others to receive help. Our action can lead to subsequent actions if we pay it forward. Most of us are fortunate enough to have food to eat and a roof over our heads. Unfortunately, that is not a fact for a greater part of the world. That may sound extreme but you truly don’t realize what you have until you see others living without it or until it’s gone.

Never think that what you are able to give won’t make a dent in the problem; not giving at all is so much worse. Some people restrict from giving because they think that the “little” they are able to give won’t make a difference at all. I am here to tell you that every little bit counts. There is something special that occurs when we give. When we give, not only do we open ourselves up to we receive but we begin a cycle of blessings that begin to trickle down. What we receive may not be the gift given but the satisfaction in knowing that your gift will change a life should be blessing enough. Be the gift that changes a life.

The Law of Reciprocity is such that what we give, we absolutely should expect to get back in-kind. Not giving anything will yield similar results; you get nothing. Do not give because you now know that you can expect to reap what you sow; give because your heart tells you to give. I give because I love. I give because I understand that we are all connected. I give because I know that my gifts will change a life. I give because I never know if I’ll ever be on the receiving end. I give because I feel it is my duty to give simply because to whom much is given, so much more is expected.

There was a time when I needed help and help came to me. That is one of the reasons why I give without thinking twice. I challenge you to give your time, your treasure or both if you can. Giving doesn’t just have to be restricted to money; you can give your time to improve the lives of others. Believe it or not, your time is worth more than money. Volunteer your time to improve the lives of others.

If you are not giving back, essentially you are taking from.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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