Morning Cup of Joe – Turn On Your Light

During a conversation, a friend expressed how they were modest and did not want too much attention focused on her. She was tasked with being the keynote speaker for the graduation ceremonies for her collegiate Alma Mater and was experiencing challenges formulating her speech. As she was writing her speech, she did not want to focus too much attention on her accomplishments and awards because she felt as if the audience may think that she was self-centered. She also did not want to seem conceited or pompous so she shied away from talking about herself. I had a different idea of how she should approach her speech.

She had experienced some challenges and setbacks in her life which helped her build the tenacity and perseverance necessary for one to experience success of any kind. Without going into details of her story, I encouraged her to focus on the lemons she had been able to turn into lemonade. If you don’t share your story, how can you inspire someone else who may be experiencing the same challenges as you? At the very least they will think to themselves “If she can make it, maybe I can.” When I speak to a crowd, my goal is never to reach everyone as I believe that this is an unrealistic goal. I only seek to touch one person. If I reach more than one person then that’s great but my goal is only to reach one.

I share this story with you because you may be shy about sharing all of the trials and tribulations you have been able to turn into triumphs. I encourage you to share with the world how far you’ve come. Although you may not be where you thought you’d be at this stage in your life, thank goodness you aren’t where you used to be. Share your story and inspire others. Don’t be afraid to talk about the amazing things you’ve been able to accomplish in spite of the devastating events that may have occurred in your life. The world is listening, share it and inspire others!

How can someone see how bright a light is if it’s turned off? Turn on your light and shine! I invite you to join me and shine as bright as the sun at nine. Don’t be afraid to shine and tell the world how far you’ve come. Be the light that will guide the path for others to follow.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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