Morning Cup of Joe – Desperate & Hungry

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do absolutely anything to get it? When we set out to reach our goals, our attitude towards the pursuit of those goals should be such that we will stop at nothing to reach them; I mean nothing. A winner’s mind-set is focused on the end result at all times. A winner understands that the road may have obstacles yet we stay prepared to face them.

The people who accomplish their goals most often are the ones who have the ability to visualize their desired outcomes while they remain focused on the task through completion. Reaching a goal through completion simply means through the good times of the journey and certainly through the bad. Believe me, there will be bad times. If and when the bad times inevitably interrupt the ebb and flow of your journey, it is imperative that you continue to press forward.

Imagine the level of hunger you would feel if you didn’t eat for a several days. You must approach your dreams and goals in a similar fashion. You have to be desperate to reach your goals. You must develop a strong sense of hunger that drives you to accomplish great things. If you didn’t eat for several days, you would most likely do anything to get nourishment. Act as if you really need this dream to come true and desperately pursuit it at all costs. The end result will be miraculous.

When it comes to your dreams, it’s ok to be desperate.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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