Morning Cup of Joe – Finding Value

I believe I have discovered something more valuable than money. Well, perhaps I didn’t discover it but I want to pay special attention to it. Showing appreciation for others is a skill and can become a habit if you put it into practice. All too often, we shy away from showing or telling people how much we truly appreciate them simply because we think they may already know based on our actions. The fact is most people won’t know you value them unless and until you verbally tell them. Do not assume that someone knows how much you appreciate or value them, tell them.

Most organizations make the fatal mistake of not recognizing the efforts of their workforce. In fact, the number one reason why a person leaves an organization is because they feel undervalued. I would even venture to say that this principle idea is universal. I believe that most people leave most situations because they feel unappreciated or undervalued. Think about it. Many marriages, affiliations, relationships and connections no longer exist because of this very reason. The answer to this epidemic doesn’t cost a thing. Your tongue is mightier than a sword so cut through the cloud of uncertainty and tell people you appreciate them.

Learn to appreciate those around you who make your life worth living. Learn to appreciate those around you who help to create cohesion in your life. Learn to value the teammate who gave it their best shot. Learn to value the people who value you. Don’t stop at just thinking about how much you appreciate or value someone; you must tell them. It is critically important that you share how much you value a person; you never know if that will be the difference maker in whether they stay or not.

With that said, I sincerely value you. I value your time and your willingness to allow me to share my thoughts and experiences with you. Thank you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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