Morning Cup of Joe – Crabs In A Barrel

It is very unfortunate how some people truly don’t want to see you succeed. In fact, they will stop at nothing to ensure that you don’t. The “crabs in a barrel” mentality is what many of those folks subscribe to. If you’ve ever seen live crabs in a barrel or bucket, you would notice a few things. The first thing you’d notice is that many of the crabs do their very best to attempt to climb out of the barrel. The second thing you’d notice is that the crab that is at the highest height got there by stepping on and climbing on the backs of the other crabs. Finally, you would notice that no crab is ever successful in their attempt to climb out of the barrel because as soon as they are at their highest peak another crab pulls them right back down.

During your journey towards the top, you will face a similar demise; especially if you are committed to success. The first thing that you must understand is that success breeds envy. Some people would rather envy your success than go out and follow a similar path in an attempt to produce similar results. Why? Simply because one takes more effort than the other. It’s easier to envy than it is to work hard. Nonetheless, remain committed to your success and work diligently towards the realization of your dreams. Understand that it matters not what others think or feel about your success, work harder and smarter than them in order to separate yourself from the herd.

Much like misery loves company, so does mediocrity. You may feel like one of the crabs in a barrel filled with mediocre crabs trying to fight your way out. I submit to you to change the way you are viewing your circumstances. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Remove the vision of a crab in a barrel from your mind and replace it with a soaring eagle. You don’t have to be in the barrel amongst crabs if you don’t see yourself as one of the crabs. Enjoy the journey towards success and understand that the only thoughts that matter are yours. Everyone will have an opinion about your journey, mostly because it doesn’t cost them anything.

Focus on your journey, everything else is details.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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