Morning Cup of Joe – Step By Step

He stands in front of the mirror wondering if anything has changed or improved. Staring at himself intently, he starts to imagine what the final results will look like. He wishes there was some magic button he could press that would magically place the muscles where they perfectly fit but unfortunately it hasn’t yet been invented. The actual twenty minutes felt like a few days as he wondered why he wasn’t seeing any immediate results.

We have all been down this road before; you’re doing the right things, working as hard as you can and feel as if you should see results sooner than you actually will. Learn to develop the patience of a turtle and the determination of a starving lion hunting for prey. This combination will certainly produce immaculate results. In addition, you must learn to develop the work ethic of a champion. If you ask any world class athlete or Olympian what it takes to be great, they will tell you practice. While some Olympians are born with natural gifts, the other 99% of us must practice until we are perfect then practice some more.

What the man in the mirror is not considering is the immense amount of time and effort it takes to get results. Some things can happen overnight but the only thing that comes to my mind is sleep. It is important that you set realistic expectations that you are able to exceed. It will take hard work, dedication, persistence, patience and patience. Yes, you need that much patience. Take it from me, the breakthrough and/or goal you are attempting to reach will come to fruition in due time; you cannot rush success.

Remember to appreciate the journey, especially since you already know the destination. The only thing you can do is take it one day at a time.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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