Morning Cup of Joe – Developing Muscles

Some people think that their problem is the biggest one in the world. Whether their car broke down, they lost a job or something as simple as they ran out of milk and are inconvenienced by having to go to the store; whatever the issue, at that point and time, they feel like the sky is falling. The interesting thing about problems is that they are all solvable. Once you fully understand the root of the problem, essentially what caused it, you are able to discover your solution. Be solution minded.

Most people feel as if their problems are the biggest ones in the world, and to them it may very well be. I submit to you to not fall into this category. No matter how bad you think you have it, someone is doing much worse. That obviously doesn’t make your problem go away but think about the person you pass everyday on your route who asks for spare change. Thank God you haven’t allowed your problem to reduce you to begging. Do not be misled, sometimes we have to do what we to do in order to survive.

No matter your situation, you can overcome it. Take it from me, whatever it is you are going through is not a problem that you cannot solve. In fact, it is minor in the grand scheme of things. Do not allow a minor issue to become a major setback. Condition your mind to think big picture. Simply, you are destined for greatness and you have to be able to see your vision fulfilled before it can come to fruition. When we are destined for greatness, we must face obstacles. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. Besides, it makes us stronger and helps us develop muscles we may not have even known we had.

This too shall pass, only if you decide that your minor issue isn’t something you cannot overcome. Maintain the understanding that you have within you the power to overcome any challenge, start acting like it.

To The Top!
Joe Paul
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