Morning Cup of Joe – Joy of Happiness


Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have it better than others? Do you ever find yourself asking why is that person smiling and what are they so happy about? Do you ever get upset when you see others experiencing happiness? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions then your change starts now.

The truth is, I used to wonder the same thing. I would walk into a restaurant or a public place and wonder what was making some folks so happy. I too would ask why they are smiling. Then one day it clicked; instead of wondering why someone else is happy or what is causing them to feel that way why not just worry about what it takes for me to be happy. What I started doing was making a conscious effort to smile more often even if I had nothing to smile about. The simple fact that you are on this side of the dirt is reason enough to smile.

A great friend once told me, “You attract more bees with honey”. Simply, the sweeter you are in your disposition, the more attractive you will be to others. Most of us carry fly swatters around and wonder why we aren’t attracting any bees. Change your attitude and you’ll change your circumstances. You have every reason to be happy. Your happiness will never come from material things nor will it come from others. Happiness will always be a choice you make in spite of your circumstances.

The reason why many people attract negative energy into their lives is because they have bad attitudes. Understand that the world responds reciprocally and like always attracts like. If you want the benefits that come with being happy then you must start by choosing happiness; happiness really is a choice. How have you been choosing to react to your circumstances?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

2 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – Joy of Happiness”

  1. Love this entry. Choosing peace instead of conflict, joy instead of sorrow, victory over our circumstances instead of defeat is the road to happiness. Thanks for this jolt, we all need it now and then. #HealthyEmotionalLife

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