Morning Cup of Joe – Pointing Fingers


When our prayers aren’t answered, we blindly attribute it to the fact that it may not have happened because God did not allow it or maybe that it simply was not meant to be. Realize that some of our minds are programmed to automatically find excuses to failed attempts at something, in many cases restricting us from attempting it again. What we almost never do is pinpoint the real reason why our dreams are not coming true. We must become primary stakeholders in the pursuit of our own dreams and goals. If it does not work out, stop blaming everything and everyone else; point the finger at the beholder of the dream.

When your outcomes are less than favorable, learn to take full responsibility. Stop blaming it on the possibility that it was not meant to be; maybe you didn’t do enough to get it. Maybe you didn’t go as far as you know you are capable of going. Maybe the problem isn’t the problem after all. Maybe the problem is you. Start taking responsibility for the results your actions produce; It is not simply that God did not allow it. In many cases, the plan is ready to be executed but the executor simply gives up on what is considered feeble attempts.

Stop playing around and get serious about accomplishing your dreams. While you are sitting around thinking about what could be, winners are already out there making it what it should be. Join the Winners Circle; there aren’t too many of us, yet there is always room for more. All it takes is accepting the blame for your misfortunes, picking yourself up off the ground and remembering that forward progress is the only acceptable direction. Well, that and to the top.

Please remember that faith without works is dead. You can pray all you want to but until you start to do something about it, your prayers will seem as if they fall on deaf ears. Go claim what is rightfully yours!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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