Morning Cup of Joe – Status Quo


To me, it is a little disturbing to think about the substantial amount of people who simply accept things as they are. Going about their day without a care in the world; satisfied with their mediocrity. If you are going to be anything in this world, you cannot be comfortable with the status quo. Don’t be misled, some people are perfectly fine with where they are and are not interested in advancing. While I have a serious issue with this fact, I am only responsible for myself

For a long time in my life I accepted things as they were hoping they would get better. After I realized that this method of thinking wasn’t getting me anywhere, I decided to demand things. Instead of accepting things, I now demand them. Before you can demand anything, you must first be confident in knowing what you want. Once you are clear on what you want, you won’t be so quick to accept just anything.

This is also true in the relationships that we forge. If you are with someone who is not treating you the way you are supposed to be treated, reevaluate your situation and create an exit strategy immediately. The fact of the matter is; you deserve better than what you are currently choosing to accept.

Remember that our life’s journey is all about the choices we make; choose wisely.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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