Morning Cup of Joe – Bumps In The Road


I have learned throughout this journey that if you are intent on being successful then there are certain obstacles, trials and tribulations that you cannot avoid. To the untrained mind, it would seem that the universe is plotting against you to ensure that you don’t succeed. You would be surprised how many people have conditioned their minds to believe such things. They subscribe to the path of least resistance. Some even believe that they are not meant to succeed because it would all be a little easier if they were. This is totally not the case.

When we set out to accomplish a goal and work feverishly at it, we inevitably face “bumps in the road”. The most successful among us understands and accepts this fact. When that happens, learn to slow down, reassess your approach and try again. The common misconception about intentional challenges is that they are designed to break you. Consider the alternative; those same challenges are exactly what can make you. It’s truly all in how you view your situation. Embrace your challenges and view them as opportunities to get better, faster, stronger and wiser. The ultimate goal is to succeed no matter what challenges life may throw your direction.

The key word is survival. You must dedicate yourself to outlasting your problems. You possess the necessary power to do anything you want in this life, within reason. Do not misread nor misunderstand what an obstacle truly is. Obstacles are confirmation of the inevitable attainment of that which you desire. All obstacles have the capability to stop us short of reaching our goals. While that may be true, please understand and consider the fact that all obstacles are also meant to be conquered. The fact that you have survived this long is evidence that you are a conqueror. You are greater than your challenges.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easily. Keep fighting until you get it!

“There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.”
– Author Unknown

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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