Morning Cup of Joe – Tick Tock


For a long time I managed to get away with talking myself out of opportunities. I would think of these magnificent plans, write them down, connect all the pieces and for some reason it never seemed perfect enough to share. What I kept telling myself was that as soon as I perfect it, I will share it with the world. The problem is with the fact that it was never going to be perfect enough. We are our worst critics.

We try to convince ourselves that some projects need more work or that as soon as the time is right we will get back on it. We sit and wait for a sign that is going to help us decide what the next steps are but it never seems to come. Our negative self-talk is exactly what has been keeping us from revealing our masterpiece. We will sit and create our own barriers to success by limiting the exposure of an idea. I have news for you; the right or perfect time will never exist. The moment you are waiting for may never come. The sign you pray for is one you must create.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas, projects or goals with others. Stop thinking about things that are out of your control and start focusing on what you can control; spreading the word. Stop worrying about what others will think and just go for it. Many times we are waiting for the right time to act, all the while the right time is waiting for us. The time is now. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do something you have always wanted to do. The perfect time is when you decide to act. Decide today that you will no longer keep your brilliant ideas a secret. The world is waiting on you.

If you build it, they will come.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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