Morning Cup of Joe – Accountability


Have you ever reached out to someone and asked for help but the person didn’t come through? Have the roles ever been reversed? There is nothing worse than someone no one can count on. Many of our relationships have been severed because of this very reason while countless others are ticking time bombs waiting to detonate. You can serve as the diffusor if you do your part. Doing your part simply means holding up your end of the bargain by doing what you said you would do. The fact of the matter is you’ve got to be someone others can depend on.

If you are someone who cannot be counted on, it also means that you are someone who makes it difficult to gain the trust of others. Building rapport is key. This makes sense because if you drop the ball on a particular request, it makes it increasingly challenging for the requester to trust that you won’t drop it again. The people you can depend on most are those who give without the expectation of getting back. There are those who assist because they know their part is critical to the overall accomplishment of the common goal. We do it because we know you’re depending on us and want that same security if the tables were turned.

Your word is and shall forever be your bond; be a person of your word. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Make no excuses. Don’t make empty promises when you know you aren’t going to follow through. Save yourself and others some time, effort and trouble by declining the offer immediately. But of course that route is too easy. Isn’t it? Saying no increases your chances of missing an opportunity to experience a miracle or help influence one. When a person in need reaches out to connect to someone who is trust-worthy, dependable, accountable and incredibly responsive, be sure you’re on the other end of the conversation.

Are you someone others can count on? If not, what are you going to do to change it?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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