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An idea is worthless if it is trapped in your head. The only way you can profit from an idea is if you share it with the world. Most of us wait until an idea is perfect before we share it. Unfortunately for some, the idea will never be perfect enough to share. We work out the details until it is crystal clear yet continue to create flaws in the design. Take it from me; your ideas are ready for launch. If they aren’t, they simply won’t take off.

You are and always will be your worst critic. Understand that no one will scrutinize your ideas as much as you will; that’s a good thing. The fact that some of you are waiting for the “right” moment before you share your billion dollar idea simply baffles me. News Flash! There is no such thing as a perfect time to do anything. The perfect time is when you decide to act; the perfect time is now!

Your goal is to not keep your ideas to yourself; if you do, the world around you will continue to lose out on the opportunity to benefit from your brilliance. Your ideas could save lives, time and even alter the world as we know it. Imagine what life would be like if Mark Zuckerberg said, “I’ll keep facebook to myself and not share it with the world until it’s absolutely perfect”. Today, most of us cannot imagine life without facebook.

Don’t be afraid to share and execute your ideas; ask yourself, what do I have to lose? The answer will always be, nothing at all.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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