Morning Cup of Joe – Confront Your Past


There is a reason why you haven’t been able to fully move forward. There is something that happened in your past that you haven’t completely recovered from. There is someone in your past that wronged you and you haven’t been able to forget nor forgive. Today is the day you choose to muster up enough courage to confront your past. It may take a little longer than a day to gain enough courage to face the truth but the end goal must not change.

The more time passes, the more hurt you will continue to feel. Understand that the pain you continue to feel is a direct result of the fact that you haven’t yet confronted the person who wronged you. Some people don’t know how bad they’ve hurt us and they very well may not know especially if you haven’t told them how they have and continue to affect you. In order for you to fully recover from the pain, you must be willing to face the truth. You must be willing to tell the person who hurt you that what they did was wrong.

Many of us have suppressed memories and feelings while falsely believing that we’ve moved on but every now and then we think about the event or person and the hurt resurfaces. Suppressing the memory that caused your pain will only cause you to feel more pain. Not dealing with your issues will continue to affect the way you react to the world around you and the way the world responds to you. Do not be misled, this is not easy. I myself did not know where the pain I was feeling derived from because I had completely blocked that memory from my mind. So much so that at one point I thought I made it all up in my head until I called a childhood friend to confirm that it actually did happen; he confirmed it.

God brought you this far without you having to face your past but it doesn’t mean that you have fully recovered. Some may think that they really don’t have to confront the past because they’ve figured out a way to succeed in spite of the devastating events that occurred in their lives. They continue to hide the pain without having to face the truth; that can be dangerous.

Your life will be a million times better if you build up the courage to confront your past. Do not allow your mind to continue to make excuses and concessions for your negative experiences. You can fully recover from this if you decide today that you will no longer give the person a free pass. This is a major part of your healing. It doesn’t matter how they receive it or what you think they may say or react; the fact of the matter is, you must tell them. Do not be afraid.

Are you ready to live a healthy and fruitful life? Are you prepared to have healthy relationships moving forward? If so, then it’s time to confront your past. The hurt and pain you feel is very real and the person who caused it is also real. You deserve to live a life without regret; don’t regret not telling the person who hurt you how they’ve hurt you.

The reason why you haven’t fully recovered from the pain is because you haven’t confronted the person who caused it. Confront your past, you deserve closure from this.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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