Morning Cup of Joe – Humble Yourself

Sometimes God has to humble us before He blesses us. Maintain the understanding that it is easier for God to lift us up when He finds us humble. The challenge many people face is that they are too prideful. There is some truth to the idiom which states that pride comes before the fall. What that simply means is that if you are too confident and are ostentatious in your ways, it is inevitable that something will happen to show you that you are not as great as you think you are. It is better for you to learn humility on your own than it is for God to teach you.

The more humble you are, the easier it is for you to receive your blessings. There is a man who was unemployed and was in search of employment for several months. He was an executive at his former company and felt as if he needed to find employment that was comparable to his last opportunity so he restricted his search to higher level employment opportunities. He solicited the assistance of temporary agencies in hopes of casting a larger net. One day a temporary agency called and offered him an opportunity to serve as the receptionist. What do you think he did? Do you think he took the job? Would you have taken the job or would you falsely believe that the job was beneath you?

Well, he accepted the opportunity because he fully understood that where you start isn’t always where you finish. He also understood that sometimes God puts us in places and situations so that we can learn humility. Once you fully understand and accept this premise, then and only then will you be ready to accept the blessings He has waiting for you. This man had credentials that rivaled with the best in the corporate world yet he did not hesitate to accept a job to serve as one of the frontline positions in the company.

One thing you must understand about opportunities is that God opens doors for those who are humble. God opens the door but it is up to you to walk through it. After working as the receptionist for a short while, he received a call to interview for the opportunity he’d been waiting for. A few weeks later, he was offered a job with another company making over triple his salary as a receptionist. He was blessed to have learned a lesson in humility while working as the receptionist and was ready to receive the blessing of the job he’d always wanted. Do not limit yourself because you think that you are too good to accept a job that is “beneath” you. Do not restrict yourself from blessings God has for you simply because you are too proud to accept an opportunity that will get you where you need to go.

Remember, every time we humble ourselves, we position ourselves to receive God’s grace and blessing.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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