Morning Cup of Joe – An Ounce of Motivation


I often sit and wonder what motivates others to succeed. What exactly is that thing? Who is the person or people that motivates them to get out of bed and take on the day? I am sure we would get a myriad of responses to these questions and some may include the accumulation of wealth, family, spouse, not wanting to fail or simply wanting to be remembered. While all of these are pretty good reasons to be motivated to succeed, I’ll share with you what has helped me and continues to help me be successful; it’s the art of self-motivation.

It’s critically important that you learn how to motivate yourself and not rely on others and/or inanimate objects. Think about it for a second, if the accumulation of wealth is your motivation to succeed then what will you do once you accumulate wealth? What will be your motivation then? At one point in my life, the only thing that mattered to me was money. All I thought about was how I could get more. I was driven by the almighty dollar. One day after some serious self introspection, I realized that money or the pursuit thereof is not a positive motivation; at least for me it wasn’t.

Today, my motivation is a healthy combination of a fear of failing mixed with a sincere desire to win and an unequivocal passion to provide for my family. That is what drives me. Wealth will always be a byproduct of success. What drives you? Who or What motivates you to be successful? Whether it’s a picture of a significant other, your children or maybe it’s money, whatever it is that motivates you to be successful always keep it in front of you. If you can see it, you can believe it and if you believe it then it shall be so.

To The Top!
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