100 Days to a Better You! – Day 1

Day 1

Last night I spent several hours writing a 100 day plan. The idea to create this plan comes from a combination of two influential people in my life; my girlfriend and my mentor. At the beginning of September, she posted a reminder that September 22nd marks 100 days until the end of the year. I didn’t really give it much thought because honestly, I’ve never had to.

When I entered the real estate industry in 2002, my mentor, Jeff Hoffman, introduced me to the “100 day plan.” He encouraged me to plan out my business and personal life broken into 100 day increments with a focus on achieving daily, weekly and monthly goals. I decided to combine these two reminders and finish the year off strong so I can enter 2015 with a clear mind, closer more fruitful relationship with God, healthy body, success in business, better personal relationships and simply being a better me.

As I share my journey over the next hundred days, my overall goal is to become a better me. Each day, I plan on working on and improving these critically important pillars of life including spiritual, physical, mental and financial. I’ve written down must outcomes and weekly goals. As an added bonus, I’ve decided to write 100 things I’m grateful for as well as doing one or more good deeds on a daily basis.

On December 31, 2014, I will be a better person than I am today. I challenge you to do the same. 100 days from now, where do you plan to be?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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