100 Days to a Better You! – Day 4

Day 4 –

Same morning routine but the evening ended differently.

My heart truly breaks for the homeless probably because I have experienced it. My heart breaks for the world. My heart breaks for people who don’t understand or choose not to believe that we are all connected.

This 100 day journey is difficult, it really is. Especially when you are a giver. Through this experience, I am realizing what is important and what isn’t. I’m realizing that time is truly all we have and if we don’t use it wisely failure is imminent. I’m realizing that some relationships won’t last past this 100 days while others will be strengthened. I’m realizing that my body and my mind is a temple and I should be very careful what I choose to put in it; garbage in, garbage out.

There is a lot I dont understand and believe me, I’m thankful for that. Ignorance is truly bliss but knowledge is power. The more I learn, the less I wish I did. To be honest, there is a lot I dont want to understand or try to make sense of because the human mind simply can’t.

A destitute woman on crutches in the train station was asking person after person for spare change and everyone ignored her. It was late and I was ready to get home but I couldn’t ignore her. I emptied my pockets and gave her everything I had. She looked at me with her eyes wide opened and a surprised look on her face and asked, “Who are you?!” And I replied, “I’m just a regular person who cant stand to see someone else suffering.” She then said, “The reason why this world is messed up is because people don’t realize that we’re all connected.” She goes on to talk about her atheist father and how she has maintained her faith in spite of his disagreement. He basically cut her off. I told her, “I know sometimes when you pray, you think and even believe that God cant hear you but He does. I’ve felt that way before. I believe that God orchestrated this meeting just to let you know that He is real.” She was speechless as she began to tear up. My train had arrived and before I entered, I turned to her and told her “don’t stop believing.”

During this 100 day challenge you can expect to be tested…daily. You won’t have the answers to every question and you cant help everyone in the world that needs it. To that one person you do help, it will make a world of difference in their lives. You can expect to see things you’ve never seen before. Not because they weren’t happening but because you are more aware and in tune with the world around you.

Keep the faith.

96 days to go.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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