100 Days to a Better You! – Day 18

Day 18 –

I’ve been in rooms with people who were smarter than me, attended better schools than I did, had a better upbringing, had a stronger support system, better job, more accomplished, more access to resources, taller, more fit and more privileged but I have NEVER been in a room where someone was more hardworking than me.

If nothing else, I will always outwork my competition. And everyone knows that hard work pays off. It doesn’t matter what type of “advantages” someone else seems to have over you, as long as you’re willing to work like hell, you will always win.

I make it a point to work harder than the hardest worker because its hard work that takes you to the top, nothing else. People can have all of the aforementioned advantages in life and still be mediocre. We have all seen and personally know many people who fit that description.

I grew up poor, and I mean dirt poor, so I had no choice but to be scrappy. I had to earn everything I have. Nothing was ever handed to me. It doesnt matter who I am competing against, my ultimate goals is ALWAYS TO WIN!

100 Days to a Better You means that you are competing against your greatest competitor; yourself. You are working your tail off for the expressed purpose of becoming a better you. Understand this, nothing worth having ever comes easily.

Success is the outcome of hard work and there is no substitution for hard work!

Keep Pushing!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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