100 Days to a Better You! – Day 19

Day 19 –

One thing I know for sure, nobody is perfect. Even the people you try to emulate are not perfect. The person with the washboard stomach or the long flowing hair is not perfect. The person with a PhD or the one with a net worth of over $100M is not perfect. The person with the exotic car or the person with the big corner house is not perfect. The person who preaches in front of the pulpit or the one who seems to have it all is not perfect. Perfect should never be your goal or objective. If you are trying to be perfect, you will always fail.

While you work your plan, do not think for a minute that the people you try to emulate are perfect because they aren’t. Do not be misled, I think it’s perfectly fine to choose someone you are striving to be like. Guess what? My goal, even after these 100 days have passed, is to have and maintain a body like Idris Elba’s. Daily, I visualize myself having a body similar to his and I will reach that goal. The fact is, even Idris strives to be like someone else himself and he isn’t alone; we all strive to be like or better than someone else.

When you chase perfection, not only will you never catch it, any progress you make will never seem enough. No matter what you do, think or say, there will always be someone who you think and falsely believe is better than you are. News flash, do not base your progress on someone else’s perceived perfection.

Your goal during this “100 Days to a Better You” should be progress, never perfection. As I stare in the mirror, I see progress. As I look at my finances, I see progress. As I look at my relationships, I see progress. As I evaluate my relationship with God, I see progress.

Your 100 Day Plan should be viewed as a pursuit of continuous progress, not perfection.

Remember, progress, not perfection.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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