100 Days to a Better You! – Day 26

Day 26 –

53…54…55! That’s 55 straight sit-ups in one sitting. That is a major achievement for me, almost monumental. I know to you professional athletes and body builders out there that may not seem like much but to a guy who has NEVER completed more than 20 sit-ups at one time, it is indeed a milestone.

Never base your best on the best others can do but on the best that you can do. Every week I challenge myself by increasing my reps by 10 until I max out at 100; if you remember, I started with 25. Secretly, my goal is to be able to do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups in one sitting. My mind says I can, lets see if my body agrees.

What are you feeding your mind? What are you allowing to occupy your brain space rent free? Are your evenings filled with time wasters like watching countless hours of senseless television? How much exercise are you getting daily? Where is prayer and meditation on your daily list of priorities?

Look, to put it plainly, your goals are simply ink on paper until you put them into action. This requires the careful synchronization between your mind and your body. What good is a goal without a go-getter? How bad do you want it?

I want you to seriously think about the questions asked and be honest about your answers. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about spirit soon. The triangle is not complete unless you focus on improving all three; mind, body and spirit.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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