100 Days to a Better You! – Day 45

Day 45 –

67% of wealthy write down their goals vs. 17% of poor.

You can say that you are going to accomplish your goals, you can even unequivocally believe that you can and will achieve them. However, if you do not write them down, you can believe all you want but nothing will happen. What this means is that your goals will remain fleeting thoughts which may never come to fruition if they are trapped in your head; you must write them down.

Writing down your goals creates an interesting dynamic that forces you to act on that what you’ve written. It also encourages you to track your progress and creates an unbelievable sense of accountability and responsibility. There are immeasurable benefits to writing down your goals.

There is certainly power in the spoken word but there is much more power in the written word. 67% of wealthy people writing down their goals should tell you something. Writing down your goals gives you the ability to track your progress, much like a to-do list.

If you think it, dream it, imagine it, write it down, believe that it is possible and work like hell until you have it then it shall be yours.

Don’t just hope and pray like it depends on God, work like it depends on you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

55 days to go!

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