Morning Cup of Joe – Gone Tomorrow


Imagine waking up to the thunderous roar of falling concrete and twisted metal only to find that the building that once provided shelter and safety was suddenly collapsing on top of you. Your extremely loud screams seem to fall on deaf ears. You are essentially entombed like an Egyptian mummy awaiting your fate. What would you do if you lost everything tomorrow? No one can predict when disaster will strike which is precisely why we must live for today.

It is imperative that you shift your focus from the pursuit of possessing worldly things to the appreciation of the world around you. Most people surround themselves with “stuff”, inanimate objects, hoping that a lifeless item will give them life. Although some people may argue differently, things cannot provide happiness. Maintain the understanding that your happiness is solely dependent upon you. It is essential that you not invest precious hours into futile pursuits.

Whether it is an unexpected earthquake that violently shakes and rattles an island, a powerful hurricane that claims the lives and worldly possessions of a state, a mudslide that reduces a multi-million dollar home into a pile of bricks and wood or a stock-market crash that turns a millionaire into a homeless person, no one is exempt from experiencing loss of any kind. With that in mind, appreciate what you have because it could all be gone tomorrow.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Appreciation 101


Appreciate what you have because it could all be gone tomorrow. This relates to everything but I want to pay special attention to your employment. If you are employed, you are obviously not part of the millions of Americans who are out of work. It baffles me how little pride many people have in their work. Not only do some employed people lack pride and a good work ethic but some are even ungrateful. Ungrateful of the fact that they at least have a job to complain about.

The most foolish man is one who has a job and complains about it. Learn to recognize simple blessings. Being employed is certainly a blessing. Don’t think so? Ask someone who has been unemployed for more than a year. Instead of complaining about your job, do something about it.

I firmly believe that as easy as it is to identify a problem, it is equally as easy to identify possible solutions. If you are not happy, change your environment or change yourself.

To The Top!
Joe Paul