Morning Cup of Joe – Moving Mountains


The world is filled with two types of people; those who make things happen and those who watch those who make things happen. I am going to ask you to make a choice, if you haven’t already, between the two groups. Obviously membership in one of the groups has its benefits and clear pitfalls in the other. Once you choose the “right” side, you cannot turn back nor are you allowed to terminate your membership at any given time. Your membership dues are simply based on the effort you put into making the world we share a better place. Your dues are your contribution to the world around you.

To make something happen not only takes an incredible amount of guts, it also takes a reasonable amount of faith. And by a reasonable amount of faith, I mean you truly don’t need much. Remember, all you need is faith the size of a mustard-seed if you are having trouble moving your mountains. While your mind creates ideas, your hands must work to build them. Faith is the temporary belief in the unseen with the knowledge and expectation that you will inevitably see that which you focus so intently on. Allow your faith to guide and lead you.

From my experience, an abundance of rewards come when we take risks and maintain the necessary faith that it will all work out; eventually it does. Taking risks sounds riskier than it is; you simply have to step out on faith. Walk in the understanding that you were not born to fail. Whenever I see a void, I never wait to see if someone else can fill it. Never sit and watch as things happen, never. You have the necessary tools at your disposal to create anything yet so many of us are satisfied with someone else doing it for us; snap out of it. Grab your destiny by the horns and build your dream. What are you waiting for?

It takes no effort to witness a miracle; creating one is equally laborious.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Greatness Recognized


Sometimes it takes others to recognize our greatness. You have heard before that we are our worst critics; this is true. Think back to something that you didn’t accomplish and how hard you were on yourself. During these times, it is can be a little challenging to accentuate the positives. There is a very good reason why you failed and while you are wallowing in your sorrow, the lesson that should be learned may never be learned. The greatness you possess is sometimes clouded by the judgment you pass on yourself based on your recent loss. Dust yourself off and try again.

Growing up I did not realize that I had innate leadership abilities. During the close of my junior year in High School, my English teacher Ms. Grice approached me prior at the end of the class and said, “Joe, I need to see you after class”. Naturally, I assumed I had done something wrong because I’ll admit, I was a little bit of a trouble maker who certainly did not know nor cared what the future held. Seconds before the bell rung, Ms. Grice’s eyes were fixated on mine as she gestures for me to walk towards her. Unsure about the subject of our meeting, with bated breath I was ready to hear my crime and accept my punishment. Ms. Grice looks at me and says, “Young man, you have a gift. A gift of connecting with people. Every time you say something, your peers listen. You need to put that to good use and not waste it.” The good use Ms. Grice was referring to was running for Senior Class President; a position I had absolutely no interest in seeking.

The subsequent weeks felt like years as I participated in a battle that I had never entered before against a machine I knew nothing about. Sun Tzu would object to my approach on what I considered a war, namely because it is important that you fully understand your enemy if you are going to win the war. Ok, my opponents were not the enemy and this was not a real war yet I was determined to claim victory. The morning announcements concluded with the results of the election and I appropriately sat in Ms. Grice’s class as we all waited. Minutes later my name was announced as the winner. I walked over to Ms. Grice; the well of her eyes began to fill with tears as she reached out to hug me. She said, “I knew you could do it if you only tried. I’m so proud of you.” Thus began my journey of understanding my gifts and maximizing their uses for the good of the order.

While it may take others to recognize our greatness, we must also strive to recognize the greatness in others; especially if they don’t see it in themselves. Ms. Grice helped discover something in me that I had no clue existed. Just like she did for me, I have continued to pay it forward, helping others realize the greatness they innately possess.

As your eyes read these words; your greatness is being manifested.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – The Horse Whisperer


GUILTY! Yes, You! You are guilty of trying to force others to see, feel, and think the way you do. You are guilty of trying to change others who are unwilling to change. You are guilty of forcing your own personal beliefs on those who are unwilling to accept it. We are all guilty in one way or another of attempting to convert a person or people yet they refuse to budge. As the old adage states, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. It’s true, you can’t but lead them anyway.

Learn to accept that which you cannot change and face the fact that some people are going to stay who they are; you can’t change everyone nor should that ever be a goal. We must realize when we’ve gone as far as we’re allowed to go with someone. We must quickly come to the realization that we cannot force people to be who we want them to be for the simple fact that we control our own destinies. And since we control our own destiny, we should restrict from altering another person’s destiny for the sake of protecting our own.

When we try to force a horse to drink, they most likely will not. The fact of the matter is, you will lead many horses to the very thing they need the most yet many will be unwilling to accept it. Eventually, if the horse is thirsty enough it will have to drink the water. Similarly, we must practice patience and trust that those we lead will eventually find their way. It is not enough to blaze the trail for others to follow; we must also get out of the way so that they too can pass. Learn to recognize when your efforts become futile, that should be the point where you decide to let nature take its course. Although at the time it may not seem that way but your words will not fall on deaf ears.

Consider the fact that your sole purpose may be to lead and not to convince. Release the harness and allow the horse to drink and drink at its own pace.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Control Your Destiny

People are going to establish their own opinions about you, most of which are going to be negative and against you; expect it. Others may even be bold enough to publicly cheer against you. As a winner, you must learn to develop blinders that keep you focused on the task at hand and not on the ill-wishers. It is unrealistic to expect that everyone will be on your side; work as if it’s just you and God.

This may come as a shock to some but there are people who do not want to see you succeed. I would even go so far as to say that there are some who even pray for your failure. In some cases, these same people are disguised as friends and/or supporters; all the while they are secretly hoping that you miss your mark. I am here to tell you that their opinions don’t matter.

Although others opinions about our destiny should not matter, we should use those words as motivation. You can turn negative situations into the fuel necessary to drive you to accomplish your goals. What motivates me most is when someone believes that I can’t do something. I’ve eliminated the apostrophe t from my vocabulary and so should you. There will be people who will think that you cannot win and there will be people who will hope to see you lose; your only mission is to prove them wrong.

When you prove people wrong, you are proving who was right all along. The only person in control of your destiny is YOU!

To The Top!
Joe Paul