Morning Cup of Joe – Selflessness


It is my unwavering belief that you have two arms so that you can use one to reach back and bring someone up with you. It is true what they say; it’s lonely at the top but it really doesn’t have to be. Understand that once we have reached a pinnacle in our lives it is imperative that we give back. When we give back, we are essentially positively affecting the life and destiny of an individual. Some people lack the necessary drive, passion and discipline required to succeed. Yet there are far more who simply lack the opportunity.

You are where you are because someone gave you a chance. Someone saw that spark in your eye as you attempted to climb the ladder towards ultimate success and they made a decision to reach out and take a chance on you. You must now pay it forward. By paying it forward, you are choosing to help others who simply lack the opportunity yet possess the characteristics of someone with great potential. Sometimes it takes others to help us discover the greatness hidden within ourselves. Don’t be afraid to take the lead and help those around you discover their greatness, especially if you’ve managed to discover yours.

I strongly believe that if you give someone an opportunity to succeed, they will almost always rise to the occasion. Most people aren’t successful because they don’t seek opportunities where they can be successful. Even when they do, those who can help influence that opportunity seldom risk it on these individuals. Why is that? It’s quite simple. Some people stop chasing their dreams once they’ve reached a red light. We all know that all red lights eventually turn green, yet very few are willing to sit and wait until it does. Simply, they give up once they have reached an impasse. It’s difficult for someone to offer you an opportunity if you are not actively seeking one. Go and get what is rightfully yours.

The only thing most people need to be successful is an opportunity. If you are in a position to offer opportunities to others, take a chance on someone who you normally wouldn’t take a chance on. If you are currently seeking opportunities to be successful, don’t give up until the opportunity you seek presents itself. If you don’t give up, it will inevitably show up.

While success is measured in many ways, I personally measure it by how many people you help get to where they are destined to be.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Number One


Never let anyone determine what you can do; that choice is solely yours. We live in a world where everyone has an opinion. This should not come as a shock to you especially since opinions are free. And since they are free we all feel the need to hand them out handsomely. We think we have the answer to every problem yet less than half of us have experienced the issue we’re giving advice on. Stop listening to others and learn to trust yourself. You alone should know what is best for you. Practice listening to and trusting your inner voice.

Learn to make decisions that ultimately benefit you in the long run. I know this may sound a bit selfish to some degree but it is necessary if you are going to succeed in life. You must always seek opportunities to be better at something. The moment you feel comfortable is the moment you need to change. You can’t teach hunger and passion; either you have it or you don’t. If you are reading this then you clearly have what it takes. Go and make it happen.

If you don’t look out for number one, seriously, who will? Understand that you cannot be good to anyone if you aren’t good to yourself first. You must take care of yourself. You must understand the importance of setting and exceeding your personal goals. Trust and believe in yourself and your abilities. Embrace the fact that you may be the one who everyone is counting on so it makes perfect sense for you to ensure that you intently focus on accomplishing your dreams.

When you accomplish your dreams, you open the door for others to accomplish theirs.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Hidden Blessing


I know it may not seem that way sometimes but if you look closely you will notice that every cloud has a silver lining. Yes, it is true that this particular cloud or clouds may be blocking your view of the sun but aren’t all clouds are temporary? Simply, there is something to be said about how you look at your circumstances. It may not be as bad as you perceive it to be.

The other day a friend and I went to grab some lunch downtown after moving a few items. As we anticipated the food we were going to devour we took turns exclaiming how starved we were. We turned a corner and there lied a destitute man with no shoes and withered clothing who was obviously homeless. He was sleeping on a bench surrounded by bags filled with his worldly items. His face was weathered from all of the storms he had lived through and his body clearly suffering from lack of proper nourishment.

As we headed towards the restaurant I couldn’t get that image out of my head. While we felt we are starving we at least knew that it was temporary and were going to remedy that issue immediately because we had the capacity to do so. The man on the bench put everything into perspective; you may think you have it bad and that your problem is the biggest one in the world but someone else is going through worse. While that doesn’t make your problem any less important than the next and it certainly doesn’t solve it, it should help you understand the dynamics of your situation and help put things into perspective. Simply, while it could be better it could always be much, much worse.

Thank goodness for all of the blessings that are bestowed upon you and be even more thankful for the challenges you face in life. For it is in solving a problem, overcoming an obstacle, and beating the odds where our incredible strength to endure and carry on comes from. You have made it this far and this is truly the beginning. No problem is too great to solve, ask Albert Einstein. Take a step back, assess the situation, create a plan then execute until your desired results are met. It’s that simple.

Do not allow an issue, problem or challenge to be greater than the blessing that comes from overcoming it.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Greatness In Others

Sometimes it takes others to recognize our greatness. You have heard before that we are our worst critics; this is true. Think back to something that you didn’t accomplish and how hard you were on yourself. During these times, it is can be a little challenging to accentuate the positives. There is a very good reason why you failed and while you are wallowing in your sorrow, the lesson that should be learned may never be learned. The greatness you possess is sometimes clouded by the judgment you pass on yourself based on your recent loss. Dust yourself off and try again.

Growing up I did not realize that I had innate leadership abilities. During the close of my junior year in High School, my English teacher Ms. Grice approached me prior to the end of the class and said, “Joe, I need to see you after class”. Naturally, I assumed I had done something wrong because I’ll admit; I was a little bit of a trouble maker who certainly did not know nor cared what the future held. Seconds before the bell rings, Ms. Grice’s eyes are fixated on mine as she gestures for me to walk towards her direction. Unsure about the subject of our meeting, with bated breath I was ready to hear my crime and accept my punishment. Ms. Grice looks at me and says, “Young man, you have a gift; a gift of connecting with people. Every time you say something, your peers listen. You need to put that to good use and not waste it.” The good use Ms. Grice was referring to was running for Senior Class President; a position I had absolutely no interest in seeking.

The subsequent six weeks felt like six years as I participated in a battle that I had never entered before against a machine I knew nothing about. Sun Tzu would object to my approach on what I considered a war, namely because it is important that you fully understand your enemy if you are going to win the war. Ok, my opponents were not the enemy and this was not a real war yet I was determined to claim victory. The morning announcements concluded with the results of the election and I appropriately sat in Ms. Grice’s class as we all waited. Minutes later my name was announced as the winner. I walked over to Ms. Grice; the well of her eyes began to fill with tears as she reached out to hug me. She said, “I knew you could do it if you only tried. I’m so proud of you.” Thus began my journey of understanding my gifts and maximizing their uses for the good of the order.

While it takes others to recognize our greatness, we must also strive to recognize the greatness in others; especially if they don’t see it in themselves. Ms. Grice helped discover something in me that I had no clue existed. Just like she did for me, I continue to pay it forward, helping others realize the greatness they innately possess.

As your eyes read these words; your greatness is being manifested.

To The Top!
Joe Paul