Morning Cup of Joe – Helping Hands


Some of us have a hard time asking for help. In most cases, we are so used to doing everything ourselves that we won’t even bother soliciting the assistance of others. Understand that while you are very capable of figuring out your own solutions, you may be able to find one twice as fast if you simply collaborated with others.

In some cultures around the world, it is taboo to ask for help. More specifically, you may have grown up in a home where asking for help was frowned upon. Growing up, I watched my father struggle as he attempted to figure things out himself. I watched as his pride motivated him to choose to remain silent while asking for help would have taken the same effort. It is a combination of pride and ego that restricted him and restricts most of us from reaching out and simply asking for help. This way of thinking and doing was passed down to me much like we learn and adopt a majority of our behaviors from our parents. That does not make it right nor should it be an excuse.

Although a majority of us try, we cannot figure everything out ourselves. Although some see it as a weakness to seek help, it truly takes a strong individual to put their pride aside and ask for help. In my experience, I did not understand the importance of seeking assistance until I finally took a chance and asked. I broke away from what I grew up learning was the way to do things and have benefitted tremendously. The time you spend on your journey towards a goal can be reduced by half if you simply ask for directions. If you don’t ask, you will not receive.

I strongly encourage you to ask for help, you would be surprised how many people would come to your rescue.

To The Top!
Joe Pau