Morning Cup of Joe – Childlike Curiosity

One of the great wonders of children is not only their ability to see things as they are but they are constantly inquiring about the world around them. Children never stop asking “why”. They are extremely intuitive and very in tuned with their surroundings. A child’s favorite question will always be “why”. I wonder “why” after a while we simply stop asking questions. I also wonder at which point in our lives do we start accepting things as they are and stop questioning the status quo.

Recently, I had the incredible joy of spending time with my amazing niece and nephew, Sariyah & Trayson. I was amazed at how perceptive they are to their surroundings and they are both younger than 4 years old. I know some adults who go about their day without a care in the world; they are not observant and are simply stuck in the matrix. If you are guilty, snap out of it. Curiosity kills cats, not humans.

For some odd reason, we stop growing and start aging. Growth comes when we ask questions, age happens while we sit there. Start asking questions. When you were a child, do you remember the millions of questions you would ask? Do you remember how you would look at something and wonder what it was or how it worked? Why has that stopped? In order to be successful, you must be as curious as a child. You have to start increasing your awareness of the world around you.

You can learn a lot from children. Stop thinking that you already know what you need to know; that is probably the reason why you’ve been stuck. If you want to get unstuck you have to start being curious.

The world around you will provide all of the answers if you simply start asking questions. Be curious.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Teachable Moment


No one likes a know-it-all, no one. I have found that people are less likely to offer information to those who act and even think that they know it all. Never be foolish enough to think that you have all of the answers because you truly don’t. That is certainly the first sign of an unwise person.

Another thing to consider is ensuring that you are teachable. No one wants to teach someone who isn’t willing to learn. Are you a teachable person? Do you take constructive criticism personally? If you answered yes to the second question, you are not a teachable person just yet but it’s certainly a muscle you can strengthen.

Finally, be open to learning new lessons. There are so many lessons to be learned from life on a daily basis through our very own mistakes and by watching and learning from the mistakes of others. These same lessons will be less difficult to identify the more open we are to learning them. When we learn a lesson, any lesson, we are less likely to repeat the mistakes which caused us to learn the lesson in the first place.

If you act like you can’t learn, no one is going to teach you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul