Morning Cup of Joe – Return On Investment


Many of us make the serious error of not investing simply because the return on our investment may take a little longer than we’d like. The investments I speak of are not the same kind of investments you would see on Wall Street yet the mathematics is the same. Invest your time and effort towards improving the lives of others and you will yield incredible returns. Just like investments, some of your returns may not be great and others may take time yet that should not keep you from initially investing.

Sometimes we have to trust the teacher within. Trust the teacher so much so that you are confident that you imparted the necessary knowledge that will take them to the next level. Oftentimes as the teacher we restrict from teaching because we are not sure if the lesson will stay with the recipient. Ask any teacher you know and they will tell you the same, just because a student is not willing to learn doesn’t mean we shouldn’t teach them. In the same token, just because someone is not willing to accept the gift of your efforts doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give it anyway.

Trust that your efforts will make an impact. Trust that the time and resources you invest in a person will always yield great results. The world needs seed planters like yourself. The world needs folks who aren’t afraid of seeing the promise in someone even if they don’t recognize it themselves. Do not be afraid of putting in the hard work even if someone else is going to get paid. If you are not someone who gives of themselves often, make the conscious effort to change that today. In the end, since we are all connected, we all benefit.

There is so much fertile land in the world to be shared amongst the human race. There are countless people who do not recognize nor do they fully understand the incredible contributions they can make to the world. This is implicitly why we should plant a seed in others with the faith and understanding that one day, with the necessary care, effort and attention, it will grow into the tall oak tree it was destined to become. But first, we must plant the seed.

You may not be around to see the tree it will inevitably become yet that shouldn’t prevent you from planting the seed anyway.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – The Horse Whisperer


GUILTY! Yes, You! You are guilty of trying to force others to see, feel, and think the way you do. You are guilty of trying to change others who are unwilling to change. You are guilty of forcing your own personal beliefs on those who are unwilling to accept it. We are all guilty in one way or another of attempting to convert a person or people yet they refuse to budge. As the old adage states, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. It’s true, you can’t but lead them anyway.

Learn to accept that which you cannot change and face the fact that some people are going to stay who they are; you can’t change everyone nor should that ever be a goal. We must realize when we’ve gone as far as we’re allowed to go with someone. We must quickly come to the realization that we cannot force people to be who we want them to be for the simple fact that we control our own destinies. And since we control our own destiny, we should restrict from altering another person’s destiny for the sake of protecting our own.

When we try to force a horse to drink, they most likely will not. The fact of the matter is, you will lead many horses to the very thing they need the most yet many will be unwilling to accept it. Eventually, if the horse is thirsty enough it will have to drink the water. Similarly, we must practice patience and trust that those we lead will eventually find their way. It is not enough to blaze the trail for others to follow; we must also get out of the way so that they too can pass. Learn to recognize when your efforts become futile, that should be the point where you decide to let nature take its course. Although at the time it may not seem that way but your words will not fall on deaf ears.

Consider the fact that your sole purpose may be to lead and not to convince. Release the harness and allow the horse to drink and drink at its own pace.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Leadership Defined


While some of my readers own their own businesses, many of you reading this are not yet CEO’s or Presidents of a corporation. In business, there are a couple of ways to get to the top of a corporation; one can climb up the corporate ladder step by step until they finally reach the position of CEO or the position of CEO can be appointed by a board of directors of sorts. Either way, I want you to be clear about the fact that a position doesn’t define leadership. Just because you have the title of CEO does not mean that you are an effective leader.

A true leader does not need nor care for any titles to define his or her role. A leader does not need a particular title to encourage action; we simply do what needs to be done. Leaders step up to the plate and bat even if they have to pinch hit. Please understand that just because you are not at the top of an organization does not mean you cannot affect change. There are world figures that have altered the very way we see things that have never held a top position in a company. Martin Luther King Jr. did not need a title to encourage him to act; he simply stood up for what he felt was right and was even willing to die for it. True leaders take actions that may not be popular but are always just.

Do not allow a position to determine where you will end up in this life. Most people work based on the job duties as assigned believing that some things are simply out of their pay grade. Basically, they will not do what they are not getting paid for. If you are guilty of this, snap out of it. Remember that someone is always watching so be sure to be your very best each and every day. Focus on the possibilities and stop restricting yourself by not recognizing the leader within. You don’t need a position to define you, you define yourself.

Just because you are not the President or CEO of a company does not mean you shouldn’t act like it.

To The Top!
Joe Paul