Morning Cup of Joe – Don’t Quit


There is a man who lost his job the same year he was defeated during a run to serve in the legislature. A year later, after several attempts, his business failed. Shortly thereafter, his significant other passed away. Nearly a year after that, he had a severe nervous breakdown. This same man would experience over a dozen losses spanning over three decades. His tenacity and ability to stick with it despite his failures allowed him to become the 16th President of the United States of America.

President Abraham Lincoln’s attempts at success was rejected countless times before he finally heard his first YES! It may take you 10,000 times or 10 times to accomplish your dreams; either way, do not give up. We can only imagine what kind of world we’d be living in had he not persevered; the landscape of the world would be significantly different. The secret to his success was that he remained disciplined and committed enough to continue to keep trying until he received a favorable response. This is the recipe for success and exactly what you need to do.

The interesting thing about setting goals is that we really don’t know the exact date we’ll accomplish them; yet it is imperative that we continue to work diligently towards the accomplishment of said goals. Understand that we will never know the exact date that we will win simply because most people give up right before they get the thing they were working so feverishly for. Many people give up because they lack the necessary patience and perseverance required to accomplish any goal. You must stick with whatever it is you are doing, even if it seems like there is no end in sight. Your goals can and will be achieved if you simply choose not to throw in the towel. Quitting will never be an option for a winner.

Don’t give up 3 seconds before the miracle happens.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Hidden Blessing


I know it may not seem that way sometimes but if you look closely you will notice that every cloud has a silver lining. Yes, it is true that this particular cloud or clouds may be blocking your view of the sun but aren’t all clouds are temporary? Simply, there is something to be said about how you look at your circumstances. It may not be as bad as you perceive it to be.

The other day a friend and I went to grab some lunch downtown after moving a few items. As we anticipated the food we were going to devour we took turns exclaiming how starved we were. We turned a corner and there lied a destitute man with no shoes and withered clothing who was obviously homeless. He was sleeping on a bench surrounded by bags filled with his worldly items. His face was weathered from all of the storms he had lived through and his body clearly suffering from lack of proper nourishment.

As we headed towards the restaurant I couldn’t get that image out of my head. While we felt we are starving we at least knew that it was temporary and were going to remedy that issue immediately because we had the capacity to do so. The man on the bench put everything into perspective; you may think you have it bad and that your problem is the biggest one in the world but someone else is going through worse. While that doesn’t make your problem any less important than the next and it certainly doesn’t solve it, it should help you understand the dynamics of your situation and help put things into perspective. Simply, while it could be better it could always be much, much worse.

Thank goodness for all of the blessings that are bestowed upon you and be even more thankful for the challenges you face in life. For it is in solving a problem, overcoming an obstacle, and beating the odds where our incredible strength to endure and carry on comes from. You have made it this far and this is truly the beginning. No problem is too great to solve, ask Albert Einstein. Take a step back, assess the situation, create a plan then execute until your desired results are met. It’s that simple.

Do not allow an issue, problem or challenge to be greater than the blessing that comes from overcoming it.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Learning From Losses

There aren’t too many folks who enter a competition innately expecting to lose. While this may seem obvious, many people actually believe they will lose before throwing their hat in a race. The issue isn’t with the fact that most people count themselves out before jumping in, it’s that we don’t learn from the losses. There is something to be said about learning a lesson after each experience no matter the outcome; win or lose.

The greatest difference between a win and a loss is the lesson you choose to learn from that particular experience. Just because you win doesn’t meant there aren’t lessons to be learned. A couple of key questions that deserves an answer after a disappointing loss are “why” and “what”. If you ask “why” this particular situation ended up the way it did and “what” you could’ve done differently then you are less likely to repeat those errors that initially contributed to the loss. The same formula works with a win. Visionaries are quick learners and always ask what they can do differently that will yield different results.

Losers are devastated after a loss while winners understand that in order to conquer the world it takes winning one battle at a time. Losers fight battles they know they can win while winners understand the importance of accepting a challenge; great or small. Every experience has a lesson. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you analyze and execute the game. Learn to understand the key differences and similarities between your wins and your losses and you will be able to have a greater influence on your outcomes.

Losers fight until they are tired and winners fight until they’ve won.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Are You A Quitter?

No matter what you’ve been through or are currently going through it does not have to stay like that. While some of our problems may be the result of our circumstances, a majority of those problems are a result of the sum of our choices. We have all made questionable decisions and poor judgments in the past. Those decisions and choices are exactly why we are where we are today.

If you truly want to change your circumstances, you have to first believe that change is possible. Secondly, you must be willing to start from where you are right now. Lastly, you must be committed to that change. Understand that we place many of our perceived limitations on ourselves by not acknowledging the fact that others with similar situations have found a way out. Guess what? Your way out is possible if you follow a similar path. If you follow the path of a successful person, you will get similar results. No exceptions.

Did you know that there are others like you who have experienced similar turmoil? While your issue may seem like the biggest one in the world, you are not alone. Did you know that most successful people have one key thing in common; they never give up. They keep moving and working tirelessly until they reach their desired results. As long as you are not willing to quit and commit to being successful, it can and will happen. There is truly no time like the present. Take advantage of the days you are blessed to see.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to get what you know you deserve today. The change you seek happens when you decide enough is enough. If you can read this, it’s not too late. In fact, it’s never too late. Everyone has to start somewhere. When will you decide to start?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – You Must Fight

It isn’t over until it’s truly over. Don’t count yourself out before you even get into the battle. Oftentimes, we talk ourselves out of a battle before we even jump in. Citing countless reasons why we shouldn’t do something. In the same vain, you must also consider citing reasons why something may actually work. Everything is dichotomous in nature; meaning there are two ways to look at everything. There certainly are positives if you focus intently on discovering them; consider the positives.

You will never know the outcomes of the battles you never fight. If you choose not to fight, you’ve already lost. Understand that nothing in this world comes easily; nothing. The outcome of your battles has already been determined yet that should not prevent you from fighting as hard as you can. The fact that you are still living simply means that you are on the winning end of the battle. It also means that, to date, no problem has claimed your life and thus has made you stronger.

Your primary goal each and every day should be to never quit. Quitting is not nor should it ever be an option for you. First, understand and commit to memory the fact that you were born to win. There is no such thing as an insurmountable battle. No matter how hard it seems and will become at times, you cannot quit. No matter how difficult the battle appears, you cannot quit. Even if it looks like you are going to lose, you cannot quit. Your reward is waiting at the finish-line and you cannot claim any rewards if you don’t finish. Be a finisher.

The only way you’ll know if you can truly win a battle is if you make it to the end. No matter how long and arduous the journey may seem, you must focus on the end result. Do not fear defeat, focus intently on the finish-line and you will win every time.

You can win and you will win; simply because there are no other options for you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – Negative vs Positive

There are so many people who truly don’t understand the amount of power and authority they give to their problems. The power they give to their problems is so much greater than the power they give to their blessings. In many cases, the blessings bestowed upon you up to this day are far greater than the problems you’ve experienced yet most will give their problems more authority than their blessings. When you compare the two, I would dare to say that you have had more good things happen in your life than bad. Focus on the good.

While we may be doing many things right, for some, all it takes is one bad thing to interrupt the ebb and flow of the pursuit of perfection. Always ask yourself, “What am I supposed to learn from this experience?” When negative things inevitably happen to us, it is critically important that we spend as little time as possible focused on the problem. Most people allow their problems to seem bigger than they really are. The goal is to redirect your attention and focus to what matters most; self-improvement.

It is imperative that you invest as much time and energy into counting your blessings and as little time as possible on things that you constantly worry about and cannot control. After all, worrying doesn’t change nor solve anything. Worrying about your problem is certainly not going to fix it. Worrying about your problem is not going to change the fact that you still have a problem. The goal should be to not waste precious time worrying when you could be using that same time to find a solution to your problem.

Don’t allow one negative event to overshadow all the positive ones in your life.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – Delays & Deferments

To defer means to put off to a later time or postpone a certain action. A delay is simply a period of time by which something is late or postponed. With one of these you have complete control over while the other you may not be in control as much. When you defer you are in many ways preventing the inevitable from occurring mainly because you are not taking necessary actions within a reasonable time period to ensure that it actually happens.

I want us to focus on the thing you cannot control; the delay. Have you ever waited on a bus or a train that was late? You anxiously look at your watch and recheck the schedule to see if perhaps you read the arrival time wrong. You peek down the road to see if you can make out a large object that may be a bus or a train. Right when you are about to give up on the fact that the bus may not show up, even though it’s a little late, it finally arrives. Although it did not come when you wanted it, it arrived when it was supposed to. Your dreams work the same way.

Just because something is late does not mean it is not coming. So many people give up on their dreams mainly because they expect it to happen by a certain time and when it does not they defer their actions which delay and eventually kill their dream. Dreams happen when they should. Now is not the time to put off tomorrow what you can do today. Now is not the time to contribute to the delay by deferring your actions. Now is the time to work even harder when it does not show up especially when you expect it to.

Treat your dreams like you would a bus or train that you expect to show up. Even if it’s a bit behind, trust, believe and maintain the faith that it will show up and eventually it will. Don’t lose hope.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – Why Me?


Sometimes I ask God why me. I ask why do I face the challenges I face. I ask why does it seem as if bad things always happen to good people. I ask why must I continue to experience constant trials and tribulations. And I ask why have I yet to experience my inevitable breakthrough.

The response I always get in my spirit is simply, if God didn’t think you could handle it, He would’ve chosen someone else to be a testimony of His greatness. I also understand that no matter the adversity, turmoil or trouble you are facing, understand that can and you will make it through. Failure is not an option. Quitting is not an option. Losing hope is not an option. Your only option is to continue to push forward.

The main engine operating your life’s vehicle is hope. Once you lose hope in a better tomorrow, the sun will not seem to shine as bright, a flower loses its natural beauty and the incredible music that birds make fall on deaf ears. You must focus on a better tomorrow no matter how difficult your today is.

You have a choice to make among several different options. You can either choose to cry or run. You can choose to let your problems continue to overcome you. You can choose to continue to let tribulations outweigh the obvious blessings in your life. Or you can choose today to adopt a mindset of nothing is going to stop you from accomplishing your goals and making your dreams come true. The choice is clear.

Thank God right now for choosing you to go through this test. How else can you be a testimony? What you don’t allow to kill you will only make you stronger. You are still alive for a reason. This too shall pass and once it does, you will be stronger as a result of it. Forward progress only.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – The Dream Killers

What I have come to understand at this point in my journey is that most people truly don’t want to see you succeed. It is lonely at the top and misery loves company at the bottom. The group you choose to join will determine your ultimate outcomes. Both groups have plenty of space, choose wisely. We’ve been around these types of people before, if we haven’t been them ourselves; the type of person that starts hating on others accomplishments. When they see someone else doing well, they wish them more harm than good. The sad thing about it is that they have yet to realize why they have not experienced any success themselves. The reason is two fold; if you do not celebrate others successes you will never have an opportunity to have the tables turned and also because they cannot get past the fact that someone else is doing better than they are. Oddly enough, they never stop to ask what that person had to go through to get to where they are. I have appropriately coined these types of people as dream killers.

There are dream killers all around us. These dream killers attempt to deter you from pursuing your dreams because of their fear of following theirs. Dream killers can barely see what the next hour has in store let alone the next day. Dream killers cannot stand and cheer while the other fellow stars. Dream killers want what they are not willing to work for so they try to discourage your efforts. Do not allow dream killers to kill your dreams and redirect your focus from your vision. A vision is simply a glimpse into a future that you can create. Dream killers lack vision. At all times, focus on your dreams and desires and be sure to keep your blinders up.

No matter the details of your precious dreams and accomplishable goals, pursue them at all cost. There will be times when the words of dream killers sound more inviting than an RSVP, decline their invitation and push forward. There will be times when the road seems so filled with obstacles that you’d be better off just stopping, mash on the gas and keep driving. There will be days when you feel like giving up, keep going for one day you will cross the finish line and claim the victory that was yours to begin with. Keep in mind that the victory isn’t nearly as important as the fight that you make to win. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to the doubters. Don’t listen to the dream killers. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

Success is not easy, never was, never will be but success will be yours if you continue to believe in the beauty of your dreams. Tomorrow isn’t promised to those who have no faith or belief in the possibility that dreams come true.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – Blame Yourself

Some people are wired to automatically defer the cause of their demise to external forces never taking responsibility for their own actions. They will say that the reason why they aren’t succeeding is because of this person or that situation. They will say and falsely believe that if ‘this’ was a certain way or if ‘they’ gave me a chance then I could be successful; never once pointing out the real reason why they have not experienced success. Maintain the understanding that when you point out your finger, three are pointing right back at you.

If you are in a place where you haven’t succeeded, there is only one person responsible for your outcomes; YOU! You are the reason why you haven’t succeeded. Stop blaming it on your circumstances because there are some who have overcome much worse who are doing much better than you are. Stop blaming it on the fact that other people won’t help you because there are some who have built their dreams from the ground up brick-by-brick by themselves. Stop blaming it on the stars not aligning because if you are waiting on the right time to act understand that the right time may never come.

One of the main reasons why some people never reach their full potential is because they lack the fortitude necessary to succeed. The first step is prioritizing your life. Maintain the understanding that some things that you are putting at the top of your list of priorities should not have ever made the list. Reevaluate what you consider to be important because there is a huge chance that it isn’t. If you want to get your life together you must first distinguish between what is important and what is not.

The second step is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You were born to win, commit that to memory. If it seems that no one will help you then you must help yourself. If you were in a burning building, would you wait until someone came to rescue you or would you try to find a way out? Clearly you would do whatever it takes to stay alive and find a way out. Success is no different. Stop waiting on the shooting star and start trying to figure out how to be one.

The third and final step is perhaps the most challenging; acceptance. Accept the fact that God, in his infinite wisdom, created you just the way you are for reasons you may not even know. Accept the fact that if you want to succeed you have to be hungry. You have to want it. Accept the fact that the people who love you the most will not enable you to continue to fail by supporting your destructive behavior. Accept the fact that the only reason why you fail is because of your own efforts or lack thereof. Accept the fact that if you want your situation to change then you must be that change you seek. It is impossible for your situation to change if you are not willing to change yourself.

Throughout my life’s journey, I have succeeded and I have failed. I have been lied on, talked about and mistreated. I have been told that I would never amount to a hill of beans. I have been ostracized and neglected. In the eyes of so many I have been all of the aforementioned and more. The one thing I will never be is defeated. I will never be defeated because I take responsibility not only for my actions but for my outcomes.

If you are not successful and your life is in shambles, don’t blame the world; blame yourself.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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