Morning Cup of Joe – The Time is NOW!


More often than not, we waste energy on things of little to no importance. Granted many of those things may seem important to the person expending the energy but in reality it does not hold as much weight and authority as one may give them. In addition to the authority a person gives their problems, the incredible amount of energy spent on non-factors reduces the time you could be investing into resolving your issue or accomplishing a particular goal.

It is imperative that you take the initiative to organize your life today. By organize, I don’t mean have every single detail planned out; although that would be ideal. By organize; I am referring to creating a mental picture. Simply, have a clear picture of where you want to be in the future and begin working on making it a reality.Time is truly of the essence; invest more time focused on building your dream.

Once you have a clear mental picture of your desired future, you must now drill down to the details. Drilling down to the details requires you to write down clear objectives and establish “must-outcomes”. Must-outcomes are outcomes that must occur no matter what may try to stand in your way. I separate goals into two categories; desired-outcomes and must-outcomes. It is possible to accomplish goals on both lists, if you focus intently on it.

Reorganize and Reexamine Your Priorities. Accomplishing your goals takes precedence over everything else. Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter and start investing more time into building your dreams.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – God Has A Plan


There is a clear difference between your timing and God’s timing. Your timing deals with hours, minutes and seconds while God’s timing specifically deals with what I like to call “blessing readiness”. Basically, blessing readiness is when you have worked tirelessly towards accomplishing a goal while trusting God to meet you half-way and help create the miracle. Be ready to receive the blessing when God is ready for you to have it, not necessarily when you feel you are ready. This is when your patience is most tested. This is when most people give up, usually three seconds before the miracle happens. I have learned that miracles happens right after the storm. You have to make it through the storm to see the sunshine. Keep pushing.

A common problem some people have is when they try to force a particular desired outcome. If it isn’t meant to be, it just simply won’t be. Learn to accept the things you cannot change. You cannot force something that is not destined to happen. That is like trying to force a square peg through a round hole; it simply won’t work.

God has a plan and his plan trumps yours. If it isn’t in his plan, then it simply will not be. While you are feverishly working towards achieving your goals, maintain the understanding that you may not reach them when you think you will reach them. In fact, it may be sooner and in some cases later. What matters most is that you reach them eventually. Don’t rush to get what you are seeking and don’t expect to get it overnight.

Nothing worth having ever came easily; it takes an exceptional amount of effort and a significant amount of patience.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – The Right Time


Some people walk around as if they have all the time in the world. As soon as the sound of the blaring alarm clock wakes you, you hesitantly drag yourself out of bed; which typically happens after you’ve pressed the snooze button a dozen or so times. You unenthusiastically embrace a day that you expect to respond to you positively. That’s sort of like expecting to win the lottery but you haven’t even purchased a ticket.

The promise in a day is determined by the promise you make to ensure that every second counts. Adjust your attitude in such a way that you begin to understand that each day you are promised may be the last day you are afforded the opportunity to get closer to your dreams and in many cases accomplishing it. It is my belief that we make time for things that are important to us. Accomplishing your dreams is your responsibility. If you are serious about being great, prove it by investing time toward it each and every day.

As it relates to your dreams and goals; time is of the essence. My life experience has taught me to expect miracles yet work diligently towards creating them. Miracles happen when God sees our commitment towards ensuring that the miracles come to pass. It is not enough to hope and pray for a miracle, you must also act and assist in the creation of them. In my life, I regard the miracles that have occurred as a combination between my own efforts and God giving me a little push. You can’t expect a miracle if you are not willing to put in the necessary time it takes to see one. While miracles do happen, they happen for those who aren’t afraid to use their time wisely.

It’s time to stop expecting that each day is inevitable and start working as if each day is your last.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – A Broken Heart


It has now been three days since he has seen the light of day. He has not been able to sleep and his diet over the past few days has been reduced to a few bites a day. Friends and family have been trying desperately to contact him yet he lacks the motivation to answer his phone. He does not want any contact with the outside world during this process. He is in terrible shape. He hopes that perhaps in time, his wounds will heal. His story sounds so much like most of ours at one point or another in our lives.

No one expects you to mend a broken heart rapidly; a broken heart takes time to rebuild. In fact, the only thing that can heal a broken heart is time. Initially, the actual event is so overwhelming that we refuse to accept it; we are experiencing the first stage of grief which is denial. The power of the mind allows you to control how you grieve a loss. The initial shock eventually transforms into an understanding. During this stage your “why” is typically answered and in some cases not.

The final stage is acceptance. By the time you have reached this stage, you have developed the necessary serenity required to press forward. Understand that things will happen to us, no one is immune to experiencing a disaster. With this understanding, I challenge you to program your mind to expedite to this stage as reasonably quickly as possible. Do not be misled, grieving is a process. I simply want you to develop an understanding that the one thing we cannot stop is time. Time will certainly continue to pass and so will the hurt we initially feel.

As time continues to move forward, we are encouraged to follow suit. Time truly heals all wounds.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Yesterday’s Gone


While we obviously cannot change the past, we can build on the lessons learned to create a better future. Our future success depends on whether or not we learned from the mistakes of the past. It makes sense that if we do not learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it. If you did not effectively evaluate the reasons why something didn’t work out in your life then you will certainly be repeating those same errors and thus continuously produce the same disappointing results.

Don’t be one of the countless people who blame their past for their shortcomings. Blaming anything or anyone but yourself is another sign that you may be insane. It is very convenient to pass the buck and not accept responsibility which explains why so many people do it. If your past is the reason why your current situation is what it is, you haven’t learned the intended lesson. I have learned that if I am unsuccessful at something it is critical that I understand the reasons why. If you know why something went wrong, you can fix it. Answer the “why” question.

Our past should merely serve as a reference guide for the future. Our past should never be viewed as a crutch. Every experience has shaped us into who we are today. If it weren’t for our past, our future would not exist. Understanding the past allows us to create directional roadmaps, analyze the present situation and respect the inevitable growth. You may not be where you want to be but thank goodness you are not where you used to be. Learning from your past is exactly what has gotten you this far and is what is going to take you to the next level. What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened it has all worked out to bring you to this very moment.

The beautiful thing about the past is that everything you have lived through helped to create the dynamic person you are today.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Time Is On Our Side


Whether you like it or not, tomorrow will come and whether or not you’ve prepared for the day is of no importance. What is destined to happen will in fact happen. If you are one of the fortunate ones to greet the gift that is a day, you must begin to understand the importance of maximizing your minutes. You will only be allotted twenty-four hours each day to affect your circumstances. Whether we like it or not, those hours will continue to tick and tock away waiting for us to make our move. We need to decide not to continue to watch time pass us by.

Time waits for no man; this I cannot stress enough. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. That is precisely why we should take advantage of every single precious moment. I want you to shift your focus from yourself for just a second and think about the people who matter most in your life. When was the last time you told them you loved them? When was the last time you spoke to a parent? Is there someone who has wronged you in the past whom you haven’t forgiven? Today is the day this change happens.

Every message sent to us is meant to be heard at the specific time we receive it. It is up to us to recognize it as a message. My message is simple; learn to appreciate the time you are blessed with. Do not waste time on people and things that do not add to your overall value as a person. You know exactly what I am referring to. The time is now for you to make those necessary changes in your life. The time is now to choose to forgive yourself and forgive others; that is the only way you will truly move forward.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Tick Tock


For a long time I managed to get away with talking myself out of opportunities. I would think of these magnificent plans, write them down, connect all the pieces and for some reason it never seemed perfect enough to share. What I kept telling myself was that as soon as I perfect it, I will share it with the world. The problem is with the fact that it was never going to be perfect enough. We are our worst critics.

We try to convince ourselves that some projects need more work or that as soon as the time is right we will get back on it. We sit and wait for a sign that is going to help us decide what the next steps are but it never seems to come. Our negative self-talk is exactly what has been keeping us from revealing our masterpiece. We will sit and create our own barriers to success by limiting the exposure of an idea. I have news for you; the right or perfect time will never exist. The moment you are waiting for may never come. The sign you pray for is one you must create.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas, projects or goals with others. Stop thinking about things that are out of your control and start focusing on what you can control; spreading the word. Stop worrying about what others will think and just go for it. Many times we are waiting for the right time to act, all the while the right time is waiting for us. The time is now. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do something you have always wanted to do. The perfect time is when you decide to act. Decide today that you will no longer keep your brilliant ideas a secret. The world is waiting on you.

If you build it, they will come.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Timing Is Everything

I have never felt personal pressure to do something simply because others were doing it. I have never been the type of individual to base my actions on the timing of the actions of others. I have always marched to a different beat. While this particular type of mind-set offers clear benefits, it certainly comes with a few drawbacks. Although the drawbacks are temporary, they are still drawbacks. Drawbacks are simply disadvantages. Disadvantages are dependent on how you view your circumstances. What may be viewed as a failure to one may be embraced as an opportunity to others.

It is imperative that you not make major life decisions simply based on the feeling that you are running out of time. Time is a man-made concept. We are often pressured to make decisions, some hastily, because it is a “normal” thing to do or it seems like everyone around that age is doing it. I have humbly served as the best man to three incredible gentlemen in three outstanding weddings yet I haven’t once bought into the adage “always the groomsman, never the groom” or “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”. When it is my time, it will happen.

Some people rush into marriage and having children because their peers are entering that stage and they don’t want to be left out. Then seven years later, sometimes less and sometimes more, they realize that they want to join the staggering statistic of 50% of marriages that end in divorce simply because they rushed into that decision. Don’t base your decisions on what others are doing. Do it because it feels right and because the timing is close to perfect.

Understand that everything happens as it is designed to happen. You cannot rush love and you certainly cannot rush success. Some people get frustrated because they believe that they should have been at a particular place in life by this present moment. I am here to tell you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment. The universe makes no mistakes; embrace your current state. If your blessing hasn’t yet arrived, don’t worry. It simply means that you are being prepared for it. Just be ready when it finally happens because it absolutely will, especially if you believe it.

Don’t lose hope as your time will come.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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Morning Cup of Joe – The First Day

You may not believe this but today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today you can choose to start taking advantage of this thing called life. Today you can start to use your time wisely. What you do with the time you have on Earth is essential to your success. Whether our time on Earth is predestined or not, we are not afforded the luxury of knowing the exact date we will be called home. Even if we did, I wonder how many people would be more focused on the task at hand. I wonder how many people would actually use their time to make a difference in the world. It is imperative that you use your time wisely. Make every minute count and every second matter. Understand that you are in control of how you budget your 24 hours. More importantly, do not waste precious limited time on frivolous and meaningless activities.

Often times we allow ourselves to make the critical mental error of thinking we have more time than we actually do. This assumption is simply based on my observation of the world around me. There are folks whose actions dictate that they may possibly have access to a time machine of sorts. They live each day as if tomorrow is promised. I often hear people say things like, “I will get to it tomorrow” or “When I have more time, I’ll focus on that”. The fact of the matter is we do not know for certain when our clocks will expire which is more reason why should choose to maximize each days potential.

Your perception of time should be one of immediacy and urgency. Every step should have pep in it. Stop walking around as if time is not of the essence. Stop acting as if your tomorrows are certain; the wisest among us knows that tomorrows aren’t promised. There is no time for foolishness; the time to focus on your dreams and pursue them with vigorous passion is now. Your time is not to be wasted on issues that are miniscule or futile. We certainly make time for things that we deem important in our lives. Make succeeding as important as breathing and watch as your dreams start to come true. If you want a better life, start investing time into ensuring that you will have one and you inevitably will.

We only have one life to live; this is not a dress rehearsal.

To The Top,
Joe Paul

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