Morning Cup of Joe – Less Talk,More Action

The reason why most people talk is because it takes more effort to act. They will almost always defer to using words rather than their actions because their actions require them to prove the validity of their words. Your actions should always prove to be louder than your words. Stop talking and start acting.

When you chose to act, you truly don’t have to say too many words. Have you ever noticed an elite athlete during a championship game of any sport? Very rarely is that athlete walking around babbling about how great he or she is. Very rarely does that athlete say anything to anyone with the exception of their coach and teammates because they are intently focused on their desired outcome; which is obviously to win through their actions. The end result of more actions than words will always be a positive one as champions simply allow their outcomes to speak for themselves.

One of the easiest things to do is to “talk about it” while “being about it” is where the separation between true winners and those who seldom experience the joy of winning begins. Join the winners circle by allowing your actions to speak for themselves. If by chance you are a talker, be sure to back your words up. Yet if you are focused on action, there will be no need for words whatsoever. You truly won’t have to talk if you’re doing it.

Choose to act rather than speak; your actions will speak for themselves.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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