Morning Cup of Joe – BREAK THE RULES!

Break The Rules4“What’s the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone and avoid trouble?” While listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Six Rules of Success, this question stood out as he was explaining rule number two; Break the Rules.

If success is on your radar then you must understand that there are some things that you’re going to have to do that others have never done before. You may have to try unconventional ways in order to get people to listen to you or notice you. It’s very true that you can experience the same success someone else has by traveling the same roads that they have. However, the obstacles that you face on your journey towards success may be very very different. The rules may be different. The cards may be stacked a little differently against you. The person who comes to mind who exemplifies Rule #2 of breaking the rules is Steven Spielberg.

By the time Steven Spielberg was 17, he’d made four films. His parents were divorced. Steven applied to two of the best film schools in the country, UCLA and USC, but his poor grades kept him out. After a summer job as a clerical intern at Universal Studios, he enrolled in Cal State Long Beach. Bored with his classes and anxious to get on with his movie career, he dropped out and began to “hang around” on the Universal Studios lot where TV shows and movies were being shot.

Even though his clerical internship was over and he had no business being on the lot, Steven knew that the guards would still recognize him, so he dressed in his suit and tie, grabbed an old briefcase, walked right up to the gate, waved to the guards and strolled on through the studio lot. I learned a long time ago, if you look like you are supposed to be there, no one will question you.

Once on the lot, he hung around every department he could get into, asking questions. He introduced himself to actors, producers and directors. He watched movies being shot and soaked up everything he could. Years later, he said he probably got kicked off of a set every day. But clearly that didn’t stop him.

Steven Spielberg was relentless and found creative ways to break the rules and write his own. Eventually, after being on the lot so much, he had people assuming that he worked there. After countless times of being dismissed, kicked off the lot and downright rejected, Universal Studios signed him on a 7-year contract to direct TV and movies. Steven was only 22 years old.

It is critically important that we view obstacles as detours to success.

Imagine if Steven Spielberg would’ve went the traditional route of becoming a successful movie director. We may not even know of a Steven Spielberg. There are countless people throughout history who have broken the rules in order to get what they want. Do not be misled, there is a distinct difference between breaking the rules and breaking the law. By no means am I condoning breaking the law. But it is important for you to understand that you may have to take some unconventional routes in order to experience wild success.

You must be willing to do whatever it takes and go wherever is required in order to accomplish your dreams; even if it means breaking the rules.

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