Morning Cup of Joe – Attitude, Altitude, Aptitude


If you would like to accomplish any goal you set forth you must first be dedicated to seeing it through to the end. Seeing it through to the end is a mere fraction of the entire equation; your attitude is another critical piece. The truth is, your attitude ultimately determines your altitude. Simply, how far you go is determined by how you respond to the world around you. If your heart is filled with disdain then the world around you will respond reciprocally.

Your attitude can mean the difference between winning and losing. I once worked with a person who was a hard worker and fairly productive. This person must’ve been very familiar with the definition of success because they always showed up. We all know that a great percentage of winning comes from you simply showing up. This makes clear sense because if you don’t show up, you can’t compete and if you can’t compete, you can’t win. Now showing up isn’t enough, what you do once you’re there is what matters most. This person would show up but their attitude overshadowed the great work they were doing and thus this person was replaced with someone with a better attitude. A bad attitude serves as an overcast to your sunny disposition; most people prefer the sun over the rain.

Your attitude is exactly what can open some doors and close countless others. Commit to memory the fact that you attract more bees with honey not a fly swatter. You must be the honey in this example if you are going to attract the right attention from the right people. One of those bees you attract can mean the difference between you accomplishing your goals or not. It is never too late to adjust your attitude.

People deal with people because they like them; if you are not well liked then you must adjust your attitude.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

Morning Cup of Joe – Magnetic Forces

Be a magnetic force. Magnets have the incredible power to attract and so do humans. We have the ability and capability to attract others by virtue of our actions, our attitudes and simply by being who we are. It could be something as simple as a smile or as great as your level of calibration, whatever it may be you have the ability to attract whatever you want into your life.

The interesting thing about magnetism is the fact that you have the ability to attract negative forces into your life as well as positive ones. What you allow your mind to dwell on is what will continuously show up in your life. If you perceive your life in a negative fashion, your life will continue to produce negative results. Conversely, if you can find a way to see the positive in every situation, your life will enjoy the benefits of positivity.

Commit to memory that being magnetic means being attractive. Do not be misled; I am not referring to aesthetics. I am referring to your attitude towards life and towards others. Remember that you will always attract more bees with honey. The better your attitude, the more attractive you will seem to others. Who is more approachable, someone wearing a smile or a frown? Obviously it’s the person wearing a smile.

Do not allow the troubles of the world to become your own. Smile as often as you can while maintaining a positive mental attitude and discover the power of magnetism. You have the ability to attract whatever and whoever into your life by simply being that which you seek to attract; like attracts like.

To The Top!
Joe Paul